Fullbay shows off heavy-duty shop management software solutions

November 1, 2023

Fullbay shows off heavy-duty shop management software solutions

Fullbay is showcasing its shop management software solutions, along with the digital marketing services available through Dieselmatic. Combined, both brands provide end-to-end digital management tools for heavy-duty repair shops, the company noted.

“It’s not just automotive shop owners attending these events; heavy-duty repair shop owners are also at the shows each year, looking for innovative solutions to improve their business operations, and we are here again this year to support them,” says Patrick McKittrick, chief executive officer, Fullbay. “In addition to hosting shop owners on the show floors, we’re really excited to provide the Diesel Connect community experience in Las Vegas.”

Dieselmatic is known across the heavy-duty truck repair industry for bringing full-service digital marketing solutions to repair shops, including sophisticated websites and strategic marketing initiatives. Working exclusively in the commercial vehicle repair industry, Dieselmatic creates unique content, coupled with proven digital techniques and strategies that consistently improve online rankings for shops.

Founded in 2014, Fullbay focuses on delivering operational excellence, preventive maintenance solutions, and inventory management optimization to its wide variety of customers.