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Attendee FAQs

How do I attend AAPEX? 
Registration for AAPEX 2023 is open. 

Why should I attend AAPEX? 
As a member of the automotive aftermarket, you need to stay on top of the latest repair needs that may be rolling into garages now and in future years. AAPEX 2023 brings you new-to-market products, hands-on training on the latest technology, and focused events to connect with your peers in the industry, whether you’re servicing vehicles or selling parts to those who do. Join us to fuel what drives you and explore the opportunities to move your business forward in three action-packed days.

Where and when is AAPEX? 
AAPEX 2023 is conveniently located at the Venetian Expo, at 201 Sands Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89109. In addition to being within walking distance from most of the popular hotels, there are multiple transportation options to get to and from AAPEX.

The Exhibit Hall is open to registered attendees Tuesday, October 31 through Thursday, November 2, 2023. Exhibit hours are from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

What is the cost of registration and what is included in admission?
Registration includes an attendee badge that provides Exhibit Hall floor access to both AAPEX and the SEMA show. Access may be restricted to some sessions.

Attendee Registration Online (through June 30)
Attendee Registration Online (through September 29)
Attendee Registration Online (Starting September 30) or Onsite
Note: Online registration will still be available, but the show badges will have to be picked up onsite
Financial Investment Services (Bankers, brokers, advisors)
Non-Exhibiting Manufacturers/Suppliers/Importers/Exporters
Lost or forgotten badges reprinted onsite (1x maximum).
Lost or forgotten badges reprinted onsite (1x maximum).
(NEMs: companies qualified to exhibit, but not currently exhibiting in this year’s Shows.)*

*NEMs (Companies qualified to exhibit, but not currently exhibiting in this year’s Shows and Financial Investment Services (Bankers, brokers, advisors) are permitted two (2) registrants per company. NEMs are only permitted to attend two years.

Who can attend AAPEX?
Only business representatives of the automotive aftermarket industry are permitted to attend AAPEX. All registrants are subject to review and approval by Event Management. Once approved, confirmation will be sent to registrants via email regarding the status of their badges.

The following may not attend AAPEX:

  • Accounting firms
  • Any non-automotive affiliated company
  • Attorneys
  • Consumers
  • Exhibition Industry Service Companies
  • Freight providers
  • Graphics companies (non-automotive)
  • Insurance agents
  • Modeling agents
  • Packaging companies
  • Printers
  • Promotional products companies
  • Software companies
  • Transportation companies
  • Travel agencies/agents

Do I need proof of my affiliation with the automotive trade to register?
Registrants may be asked to provide proof of their identity and affiliation in the automotive trade. Two (2) of the following forms of business identification indicating current employment at an automotive-related company are acceptable: One (1) from Group A and one (1) from Group B listed below. All documents must be provided in English during the registration process.

Group A

  • Two (2) recent paycheck stubs to verify employment (company name and personal name must appear on payment stub or receipt).
  • Business photo ID (must include company name, your photo, and full name)
  • A picture of your business card (Company name, address, and personal name must correspond with the information in your registration. Must include your job title).
    Digital renderings of your business card are no longer acceptable.

Group B

  • Current, valid business license
  • Current, valid tax registration certificate or business registration

All registrants are subject to review and approval by Show Management. Principal business category will be determined by Show Management using your company website. Once approved, confirmation will be sent to the registrant via email regarding the status of their badges.

What is a Non-Exhibiting Manufacturer (or NEM)?
Please review Section 5 of Exhibitor Regulations for exhibiting criteria. If you meet the exhibitor requirements or have exhibited in the past but are not exhibiting, then you would be considered a Non-Exhibiting Manufacturer.

What is the dress code?
In the interest of maintaining a professional atmosphere, attendees must wear appropriate apparel at all times. Business or semi-business attire is suggested, and all logos and sayings on apparel must be in good taste. AAPEX Management has the right to make determinations on appropriate apparel.

Is photography or filming permitted at AAPEX?
If an exhibitor has signage or has made it clear to attendees that they are not allowed to take photos in their booth or of their products then Event Management has the right to confiscate film or other media from any type of camera from users.

Press/Media must obtain a permit at the Event Management Office, photographs must be authorized by the exhibitor, and will not be affected by the no photography signs. Event Management is authorized to record and use audio/visual materials and photographs taken at AAPEX.

Are children allowed at AAPEX?
No. Children under 16 years of age (including infants) are not permitted in the Exhibit areas. Event Management does not provide childcare or babysitting services on-site.

Please contact AAPEX Event Management at 708-226-1300 or kelly@aapexshow.com with additional questions.


How can my company exhibit at AAPEX?
Applications received after the deadline will be placed on a waiting list. If you are a first-time exhibitor, please send your contact information to Sandra Kulas. If you are a returning exhibitor and have changes to management/contacts, send your updated contact information to Sandra.kulas@aapexshow.com

Why should I exhibit at AAPEX?
AAPEX represents the more than $1 trillion motor vehicle aftermarket. When you exhibit at AAPEX, you will:

  • Connect with more than 49,000 targeted buyers
  • Access billions of dollars in buying power
  • Reach all of the key decision-makers in your target market all in one place
  • Exhibit your products and services to automotive parts warehouse/wholesale distributors, retailers, service chains, jobbers, and service professionals
  • Gain even more visibility with sponsorship opportunities and AAPEX’s New Product & Packaging Showcases

Where and when is AAPEX?
AAPEX 2023 is conveniently located at the Venetian Expo, at 201 Sands Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89109. In addition to being within walking distance from most of the popular hotels, there are multiple transportation options to get to and from AAPEX.

The Exhibit Hall is open to registered attendees Tuesday, October 31 through Thursday, November 2, 2023. Exhibit hours are from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

What is the cost of exhibiting?

Auto Care Association, MEMA/AASA and/or NARSA members
$31.00 per sq ft
$53.00 per sq ft
Corner In-line booth
*corners are not guaranteed
Additional charge of $300.00
Peninsula booth (minimum 20’ x 20’)
Additional charge of $2,000.00
Island booth (minimum 20’ x 20’)
Additional charge of $4,300.00

For detailed descriptions of the booth types listed above, see Exhibit & Display Rules and Regulations.

What is AAPEX’s exhibitor cancelation policy?
Refunds will be provided for cancellations made by Friday, June 9 and there will be a $350 administration fee.

What is included in a standard 10’ x 10’ booth?

  • 8-foot back drape and 3’ side drape (except islands)
  • Company identification sign
  • Listing in the printed AAPEX Buyer’s Guide
  • Listing on aapexshow.com database that is searchable by name, product categories, brand and country
  • Listing in the AAPEX App

What is my Exhibitor Login and how do I use it?
Exhibitor Logins will be sent with your booth space confirmation email. You can use your login to access your online booth console and to update your Buyer’s Guide Listing and your Online Exhibitor Profile. Please keep your login safe. If you misplace your login, please email a request to Sandra.kulas@aapexshow.com.

Who is allowed to exhibit at AAPEX?
A manufacturer who offers a product or products for sale to the trade without regard to whether or not said company is an assembler, packager, exclusive importer, etc., so long as such product or products are exclusively proprietary. For the purposes of these requirements, while an importer may technically be called a distributor, the exclusivity shall qualify him as an exhibitor-manufacturer by reason of such exclusivity.

For additional information on eligibility to exhibit at AAPEX, please refer to the 2022 Exhibitor Regulations, Item 5, ELIGIBILITY.

How do I register for booth personnel badges?
Once assigned your booth space, use your Exhibitor Login (provided to you in your booth space confirmation email) to log into Exhibitor Registration.

What do I need to know about U.S. safety standards before I display light sources, brake hoses, warning triangles, and seat belt assemblies at the show?
The AAPEX show contract requires that products on display must comply with applicable Federal safety standards. Items such as replaceable light sources (e.g., headlamp bulbs and ballasts), brake hoses, warning triangles, seat belt assemblies, and tires are just a few of the items that must comply with applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) to be on display at AAPEX. To find the applicable FMVSS for each type of regulated motor vehicle equipment, refer to Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 571 Subpart B which lists numerically by section each Federal Standard. 49 C.F.R Part 571 can be accessed at https://go.usa.gov/xReAE.

Are HID/LED headlamp conversion kits and components illegal?
HID/LED conversion kits contain replaceable light sources whose base was modified or manufactured to be interchangeable with regulated headlamp replaceable light sources. HID/LED headlamp conversion kits and components do not meet the requirements of FMVSS No. 108 and therefore cannot be lawfully manufactured, sold, offered for sale, imported, or introduced into interstate commerce into the United States. See 49 U.S.C § 30112 (a)(1). AAPEX show management works closely with Federal government representatives in identifying these products on the show floor and enforcing the show contract prohibitions on non-compliant products.

Please contact AAPEX Show Management at 708-226-1300 or billjr@aapexshow.com with additional questions.