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Attendee FAQs

What is the Virtual AAPEX Experience (VAE)?
The Virtual AAPEX Experience serves as the hub of information and connections for service professionals and shop owners, providing access to accredited training sessions led by elite technicians, one-on-one meetings with key suppliers, listings of new products and technologies, and valuable networking all set up through the digital platform—and all free to qualified attendees.

Who should attend the VAE?
Shop owners, technicians, service advisors, and all other aftermarket professionals who would benefit from training sessions and meeting with participating exhibitors relevant to their business.

Potential exhibitors or non-exhibiting manufacturers should click here for more information.

When is the VAE?
The live online program and prescheduled meetings will take place November 3–5, 2020. Content will be available for viewing after the event.

Where do I go to register for the VAE?
Registration for the VAE can be completed here.

What is the cost to attend the VAE?
The VAE is free for all qualified attendees that are members of the automotive industry.

If I already registered for the 2020 AAPEX / SEMA Show, do I have to register again?
Yes. Your registration fee for AAPEX/SEMA will be refunded, and you will need to re-register for this separate, free virtual event.

If I am registered for the 2020 AWDA+ Virtual Conference, do I need to register for this?
Yes. The VAE and the AWDA+ Virtual Conference are two separate events.

Please contact AAPEX Event Management at 708-226-1300 or kelly@aapexshow.com with additional questions.


What is the Virtual AAPEX Experience (VAE)?
The Virtual AAPEX Experience is designed to connect exhibitors and sponsors with service and repair professionals and shop owners from around the globe. Showcase your products and provide training and demos via the digital platform, where attendees will be searching by name and product, and matching with your company. Participate in one-on-one meetings, unveil solutions, highlight your brand, and answer questions for these qualified, high-quality attendees, who will also have access to accredited training opportunities and education.

Who should exhibit in the VAE?
Aftermarket suppliers who want to speak directly to or have demos or products to share with service professionals and shop owners.

When is the VAE?
The live online program and prescheduled meetings will take place November 3–5, 2020. Content will be available for viewing after the event.

What is the deadline to sign up for virtual exhibit space?
The sooner you submit your application, the more time you have to prepare and connect with attendees. Confirmed exhibitors will have access to start building out their profiles in mid-September, and attendees will have access to start using the platform in early October. For information on deadlines, please contact billjr@aapexshow.com.

How do I sign up to exhibit at the VAE?
Complete the exhibit application for the Virtual AAPEX Experience.

What is the deadline to submit my application to exhibit for the VAE
The deadline is October 2, 2020.

What is the cost to exhibit in the VAE?
The cost to exhibit is $1,000 for Auto Care Association or MEMA/AASA members and $1,500 for non-members.

If I already contracted to exhibit for AAPEX 2020, do I have to sign up again?
Yes, this event is separate from and not a part of AAPEX 2020. For more information, click here.

Are there additional sponsorship and promotional opportunities available?
Yes. For more information on available promotional opportunities, please contact chris.kalousek@aapexshow.com.

Please contact AAPEX Event Management at 708-226-1300 or billjr@aapexshow.com with additional questions.

GRIP Platform FAQs

How many Exhibitor Reps are allowed?
Exhibitors will have 5 Exhibitor Reps included with the purchase of exhibitor admission into the Virtual AAPEX Experience. If an Exhibitor would like to have additional Representatives, they can be purchased for $175 per additional Representative. Exhibitors can have a maximum of 50 Exhibitor Reps (5 included, 45 additional). Exhibitors should not attempt to register additional representatives as attendees. AAPEX Show Management is monitoring attendee registrations and will not allow any NEMs in as attendees.

How many brands can an exhibitor add to one profile?
Exhibitors can list as many brands as they want under 1 brand. For example, you can list your brands with commas, “Brand 1, Brand 2, Brand 3, Brand 4”.

How much does it cost to register as an attendee?
All attendees have FREE Registration. Attendees can register at this link: https://www.aapexshow.com/attendee-portal/register/

How does a company add individual products (with photos, video and description) to their profile and how many products can a company add to their profile? Can these be added to exhibitor rep profiles as well?
A company can add products directly on their exhibitor profile by going to “Teams” and selecting “Product” under “Settings”. There is a limit to 10 products per exhibitor profile. Exhibitor Representatives are also attached to Product profiles. Here is sample link to the Exhibitor and Product Profiles: https://support.grip.events/article/325-example-of-exhibitor-product-profiles

How do team members access the platform?
The primary person on the account can invite Team Members to join the platform. Once the team member logs in and creates their profile, they can access the team page by clicking the “Teams” button in the top right corner.

Is the admin, who sets up the company profile, in addition to or counted as one of the 5 exhibitor reps?
The admin who sets up the profile counts as one of the 5. If you would like to swap that person out for someone else, please contact Ryan Glasgow ryan@aapexshow.com

How could an exhibitor show a training session or demo?
Exhibitors can set meetings, scheduled at regular times and invite connections as a part of a multi-person meeting. During the scheduled meeting time, exhibitors can make use of the screen sharing capabilities if they choose. Using the chat functionality, it is also possible to share links to online content.

Can exhibitors send a meeting link out to people NOT on the platform (5 minutes prior to the meeting?)
In order to use the link, you will need to have a profile on the platform.

What is the best way to add brochures and documents to a profile?
The best way to add a brochure or document is with a URL.  Brochures and documents will be linked out via the URL.

Which parts of the profile are searchable?
Most parts of a profile are searchable. You can search by profile name, profile type, and product type/category. All exhibitor related profiles can be searched by company name including Exhibitor Reps, Products, and the New Product Showcase.

How would exhibitors set up a meeting with multiple exhibitors and multiple attendees using teams.
When setting up a meeting with another Exhibitor Rep/Attendee, you can press the Add Invitee + Button. Then you are able to invite other Exhibitor Reps and Attendees by name. 10 invites can be sent at a time, with a total of 49 invites. Further explanation can be found in our training videos. https://www.aapexshow.com/virtual-platform-overview/

What is the best way to view our profile and see what the attendee will see?
Click the home button in the top right corner. This is how the attendees will see the platform.  There is a search bar at the top where you can search for your company. After searching, click on your company and it will show you how the attendees would see your profile.

How does the Teams functionality allow all exhibitor reps to manage the company profile and meetings?
Once an exhibitor rep is added to a team, they will be able to manage the company profile under the teams tab. The original representative on the team is the admin, and would need to invite/accept all additional teammates.

What is the best way for an exhibitor to host a press conference?
Start by creating a meeting, invite multiple users, and then hold the press conference in that meeting.

What is the best way to engage attendees in the moment?
Clicking “show interest” on someone’s profile will be the quickest way to engage with someone.  They have to click it back, but once they do, you can chat with them.

Where is the new product showcase and how does it work?
The New Product Showcase can be found on the left side-bar of the “Home” page of the Virtual AAPEX Experience platform. New Product Showcase entries must be submitted to Ryan Glasgow ryan@aapexshow.com to be included on the platform.  The New Product showcase includes a Product Name, Category, Photo, Summary, and links to the Exhibitor’s Profile as well as their Representatives.

Where do you find the training and sessions happening as part of the Virtual AAPEX Experience?
Training sessions can be found on the Event Agenda.  Once you sign up for a session, it will be visible on your calendar as well.

Instead of an embed link, can exhibitors put a URL in the video spot?
Videos require an embed link to appear on the platform.

Will the platform be locked down so exhibitors can no longer make edits?
Exhibitors will have access to make profile changes throughout the event.

How long will the platform be available for exhibitors and attendees after the event?
The platform will be accessible for 1 month after the virtual show. Immediately after the event only the “meetings” function will be removed.

Do exhibitors have to be available the whole time? How will they receive notifications for interested people?
Exhibitor Representatives will receive emails for meeting invites and for direct chats. Exhibitor profiles will need to be attended for chat. You will not receive emails for chats sent directly to the Exhibitor profile, so you would want to have at least 1 person checking for your team.

For any additional questions reach out to Ryan Glasgow at ryan@aapexshow.com.

Going Virtual FAQs

Why did AAPEX move to a virtual event?
Given the State of Nevada’s recently announced long-term mitigation strategy for the COVID-19 pandemic, which has indefinitely prohibited events with more than 50 participants, and the severe limitations on international and domestic travel imposed in connection with the pandemic, unfortunately, it is not possible for the traditional in-person event to proceed.

Will registered attendees get a refund? If yes, how will this work?
Yes, registered buyers will receive a refund. Refunds will be automatically processed within the next two weeks.

Does AAPEX anticipate returning to an in person show in 2021? 
Yes, AAPEX 2021 is planned for November 2-4, 2021, at the Sands Expo and Caesars Forum Conference Center in Las Vegas.

What should attendees do who have purchased airline tickets?
Contact the airline directly for their individual policy details and options.

What should attendees who have reserved hotel rooms do to apply for refunds/credits?
If you booked a hotel room through AAPEX’s official housing vendor OnPeak, your room will automatically be cancelled, and you will receive official confirmation within a week.

Will exhibitors get a refund?
Exhibitors can opt to get a refund or have monies applied to the 2021 event. 

Will I have first right of refusal in 2021 for the sponsorship I booked this year?

What should exhibitors do who have purchased airline tickets?
Contact your airline directly for their individual policy details and options.

What should exhibitors who have reserved hotel rooms do to apply for refunds/credits?
If you booked a hotel room through AAPEX’s official housing vendor OnPeak, your room will automatically be cancelled, and you will receive official confirmation within a week.

Will this action affect seniority?
No, it will not.

What should exhibitors do if they reserved spaces for hospitality events, receptions, dinners or other meetings & events within the Venetian, or other Las Vegas venues? 
If you’ve booked space at a restaurant, hotel or other venue, contact them directly for information. 

When will exhibit space/applications for AAPEX 2021 become available? 
Exhibit space applications for AAPEX 2021 will be available November 16, 2020.