Shop Owner Spotlight

Jamie Carlson

Co-Owner, Ervine’s Auto Repair →


Tell us about yourself

What is your name and job title?

Jamie Carlson, Co-Owner

Where is your shop located?

Grand Rapids, MI

Tell us a little about your shop.

We purchased Ervine’s Auto Repair in 1994. About 15 years ago we added Grand Rapids Hybrid and EV to our facility. Last year we added four more bays, upgraded customer service and employee areas.

Does your shop specialize in any certain repairs or specialties?

Yes! In additon to conventional domestic, Asian, and European vehicles, we specialize in hybrid vehicles and EV’s.

What is a fun fact about you and/or your shop?

Almost all of us are golfers. The one who is not a golfer is not opposed to a little day drinking outside and curses a little bit. So, he’s practically a golfer.

What is your bucket list road trip?

Driving to Valet Parking at the Airport, multiple times a year.

Have you been to the AAPEX show?


If the answer is yes to the above question, what did you find most beneficial?

Networking, classes and the opportunity to speak directerly with our current vendors as well as discovering new ones.

Anything would you change?

Location, but only so it would be closer to us.

Will you be attending AAPEX 2023? If so, what are you most looking forward to this year?

Yes. Women In Autocare Wednesday!

Will any of your staff be attending?

I don’t think so this year. In the past we’ve had staff members attend.

Did you receive the AAPEX Newsletter? If yes, do you read it?


What is currently the biggest issue the automotive aftermarket is facing?

We need to elevate this industry by ensuring our technicians are properly trained and equipped and charge adequately for our services so we can properly compensate the professionals that choose a career in it.

What have been the biggest challenges your shop has faced over the last 2 years?

Construction, combating the damage bottom feeder shops cause this industry and finding the right employees.

What is your view on the future of the Automotive Aftermarket?

There are exciting opportunities! We just need to keep learning and evolving.

What emerging technology or industry trend within the automotive aftermarket are you most excited about?

Technology – EV’s.

If you could give other shop owners one piece of advice, what would it be?

Find a group, a coach, or a mentor that supports you, teaches you and energizes you to enjoy this industry to the fullest. And if it does not work out, find another one! Different people and groups suit us best at different points in our journey.

What advancements can ADAS bring to the Automotive Aftermarket?

ADAS presents a great opportunity for service professionals, technicians, and shops, in addition to an increased market opportunity for manufacturers.

How important is ADAS to the future of the Automotive Aftermarket?

Incredibly important, ADAS will help bridge the gap between today’s vehicles and the vehicles of the future, serving as the key to the development of AVs.

What are the biggest challenges with ADAS in the Automotive Aftermarket?

ADAS system accuracy, inconsistency, and consumer adoption.

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