Midtronics Unveils MDX-AI, Industry’s Most Comprehensive Battery Diagnostics

August 18, 2023

Company Description

The world’s unrivaled leader in automotive battery diagnostics and testing, Midtronics, is unveiling a new core technology called MDX-AI for automotive service equipment to serve current, upcoming, and legacy vehicles faster and more accurately than ever thought possible.

Experience, Expertise, Innovation
For four decades, Midtronics has been the unrivaled leader in automotive battery diagnostics and testing. Midtronics innovations have helped car manufacturers, franchised and independent repair shops, and DIYers maintain vehicle batteries and diagnose issues accurately. Throughout this time Midtronics has amassed experience, expertise, and innovation, helping our customers grow their battery profitability.

MDX-AI supplies an endless source of growth for battery business
With the help of artificial intelligence, Midtronics is introducing the most powerful battery diagnostic technology the world has ever seen: MDX-AI. Harnessing four decades of experience, expertise, and innovation, MDX-AI solves previously unsolvable problems in the world of battery business management, supplying battery service providers with an endless source of growth for battery business.

Midtronics President, Will Sampson, said, “We recognize our customers need the right answer as fast as possible. MDX-AI is a big step forward in our ability to deliver on that expectation and continue to keep getting better.”

MDX-AI Eliminates ‘Charge and Retest’ Decisions
Long one of the most inconvenient decisions from a battery test, ‘Charge and Retest’ is eliminated with MDX-AI. Midtronics’ test algorithm ensures a precise and accurate decision on a battery’s health quickly, providing technicians the ability to service vehicles faster without sacrificing precision.

“Time is money for service providers. However, speed and accuracy were long thought of as a trade-off in battery diagnostics. MDX-AI breaks this standard, allowing technicians to accurately diagnose batteries in seconds regardless of state of charge or situation. The capabilities of MDX-AI are endless.” said Ryan Sweeney, Global Marketing Director of Midtronics.

MDX-AI accurately evaluates an EV 12V battery’s ability to support critical functions
The 12V aux battery is the #1 reason for electric vehicle roadside events. The 12V system in electric vehicles is designed to provide power to all systems outside propulsion, including safety systems like ABS and Power Steering. It is critical that the 12V battery provides a driver with enough power to safely get to the side of the road should the DC converter fail. MDX-AI enables accurate diagnostics of the 12V battery’s ability to support critical functions.

Additional capabilities made possible by MDX-AI
• Allows accurate battery testing with little to no user input, removing barriers to proactively diagnosing batteries.
• Provides instant decisions in preventative maintenance testing, reducing time spent testing.
• Enables accurate battery testing despite system noise, enabling battery tests in even the trickiest situations

Midtronics products and technologies the choice of almost every car manufacturer in the world, and recognized as the benchmark in battery diagnostics for both in-warranty and out-of-warranty applications. MDX-AI is set to be a core technology in all Midtronics products starting this fall.