Hot Shot’s Secret Releases New Product Guide

July 25, 2023

Company Description

Mount Gilead, OH (February 14, 2023) — Hot Shot’s Secret, a leading manufacturer of high-performance oil and fuel additives, engine and gear oil, greases, lubricants, and coolants, is pleased to announce the release of their 2023 product guide. The guide is available in a digital reader format at The new 35-page guide covers in detail the entire product line including top sellers – Diesel Extreme, Everyday Diesel Treatment, Stiction Eliminator, FR3 Friction Reducer as well as the company’s line of racing fluids, RV products, spray lubricants, and Nano Precision gun oil.

In addition to fuel and oil additives, the guide includes complete product information about the company’s diverse engine oils – Green Diamond Fleet Diesel Engine Oil, Blue Diamond Severe Duty, Black Diamond Outlaw PAO Diesel, Gray Diamond European and Adrenaline R-Series Racing Oils.

Each product page features a high-res photo, product features and benefits, treatment recommendations, and QR codes to provide a direct link to the product’s website page for more complete information. Charts are used liberally throughout the guide to help users determine the right product for their vehicle.

The 2023 guide also features information about the company’s Frantz Filter bypass oil filter system that provides an endless supply of clean oil to the engine using the Frantz Filter System and information about Hot Shot’s Secret’s oil and fuel analysis products.

Hot Shot’s Secret Brand Manager, Josh Steinmetz, says, “This is our largest and most complete guide to date. We’ve greatly expanded our product line beyond our well-known diesel products with over 50 products designed to improve fuel economy, power and performance. Each page will clearly indicate how the product alone or in combination with another treatment can correct problematic symptoms. Whether your vehicle is a daily driver, race car, used strictly off-road, or an 80,000 lb. fully loaded semi, our products will help your vehicle run better, longer. And if you still are unsure of what to use from our guide, we have a great customer service department ready to help.”

The new product guide includes all sizes, quantities and product numbers to make ordering easy from the Hot Shot’s Secret website, Amazon, a nationwide independent dealer network or from over 30,000 retailers nationwide. Pricing is included for most non-bulk products.

For more information about Hot Shot’s Secret’s full product line, visit To speak directly with one of Hot Shot’s Secret’s highly qualified technicians, call toll-free 800-341-6516. Keep up with the latest Hot Shot’s Secret company and product news on Facebook and Instagram, or by following #hotshotsecret.

About Hot Shot’s Secret™
Powered by science and with a commitment to environmental stewardship, Hot Shot’s Secret offers a diverse line of high-performance and preventative maintenance products including fuel and oil additives, engine and gear oil, greases, lubricants, and coolants developed as problem-specific solutions for gas- and diesel-powered vehicles. Major markets include automotive, racing, heavy-duty, fleet, powersports, RV, and agriculture. As the fastest-growing high-performance lubricant brand in the USA, Hot Shot’s Secret is manufactured by Lubrication Specialties (LSI) in Mount Gilead, OH. LSI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gold Eagle Company (Chicago).