ZF Aftermarket Brings Electric, Assisted and Sustainable Solutions to AAPEX

Monday, October 30, 2023

ZF Aftermarket Brings Electric, Assisted and Sustainable Solutions to AAPEX

At the 2023 Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo (AAPEX), ZF is showcasing its aftermarket brands including ZF, LEMFÖRDER, SACHS, TRW and WABCO with solutions to support internal combustion, hybrid, fully electric and semi-automated vehicles.

Located at the Venetian Expo Center, Booth #5057, ZF Aftermarket’s AAPEX booth will highlight key products, including:

ZF Lifeguard E-Fluids now available

Addressing the higher levels of torque and force occurring in hybrid and electric engines, ZF Aftermarket has introduced a line of e-fluids specially formulated to provide lubrication, cooling and electrical insulation, helping to maximize transmission efficiency, optimize temperature control and eliminate battery failure for reduced wear and improved vehicle performance, the company noted. The latest introduction in this product range is ZF Lifeguard e-Fluid 1 that has been specifically designed for electric vehicles. For more information visit ZF.com.

TRW Brake Boosters and Master Cylinders

ZF Aftermarket will debut TRW Brake Boosters, the most extensive line of new (not remanufactured) original equipment brake booster available for European cars in the US and Canadian (USC) independent aftermarket. Manufactured by ZF and built on the heritage of TRW brake actuation systems, they extend the range of ZF brake boosters to a wide range European make vehicles in the USC market, according to the company.

ZF Aftermarket is also launching TRW Brake Master Cylinders manufactured in steel, aluminum or cast iron. They feature OE-specified rubber seals and dust caps to resist ageing and come with fitting accessories included. TRW Brake Master Cylinders also include a chrome six-free ‘silver’ finish for steel and cast-iron models for a protective, durable and rust-resistant coating that is free of heavy metals. Learn more at TRWaftermarket.com.

Expansion of Product Portfolio

ZF Aftermarket continues to expand vehicle coverage with its extensive portfolio of OE-quality aftermarket products. Since January, the company has added nearly 400 new parts to its aftermarket product portfolio, expanding coverage for over 125 million more vehicles in North America. To search our product catalog click here.

Expert Know-How and Training

ZF Aftermarket will offer its ZF [pro]Academy technical training as part of the AAPEX EV Experience. Training will take place at the EV Experience Stage, Level 1 in the Electric Vehicle Section.

Electronification of the Chassis (A Step into Autonomous Vehicles): Wednesday, November 1, 12:00- 2:00 pm. Attendees will understand how advancements in the chassis influence the design of parts and will also learn fault codes to properly diagnose everyday repairs.

Electrify Your Journey with ZF Aftermarket: Thursday, November 2, 10:00–10:30 am. Participants will gain an overview of ZF Aftermarket’s intelligent electric drive solutions including electric motors, plug-in hybrid transmissions, power electronics, all-electric drives, brakes, e-fluids and chassis components.

ZF Aftermarket at SEMA Space #81100 – come experience Steer-by-Wire and meet Ludacris
The company’s SEMA booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center will showcase ZF Aftermarket products and services that support car care professionals as well as vehicle owners and enthusiasts. Attendees will experience first-hand technology expertise carried across domestic, European and Asian make vehicles.