Make AAPEX Your Competitive Advantage in the Heavy Duty Market

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

By Sheila Andrews, director, Heavy Duty Programs, Auto Care Association

You come to AAPEX thinking, “This is the premiere event for the light duty aftermarket,” but have you thought to bring your heavy duty team? Companies that participate in the heavy duty aftermarket represent the fastest growing demographic of attendees at AAPEX and for good reason. No where else will you find the collection of aftermarket customers and suppliers that recognize the growth opportunities in servicing or selling the independent heavy duty segment.

Suppliers, distributors, technicians, and international buyers are the core audiences for the show. Each of those groups knows that one of the best expansion opportunities for their businesses is in selling heavy duty, covering U.S. Vehicle Classes 6 – 8. Why? Because according to the American Trucking Associations, over 7.5 billion tons of freight was transported by trucks in 2017. Which means the trucking market is strong and the parts and service market is even stronger.

AAPEX gives suppliers access to thousands of new distributor and buyer partners from around the globe. The heavy duty trends AAPEXedu session provided by IHS Markit will introduce your organization to the data trends in the truck market that you need to know to target your new product development and sales footprints.

What about the buyer? Distributors can find those products that can expand offerings to their customers that you could only find by going to AAPEX. When a fleet customer comes in, they don’t just need products for trucks, but they need products for every vehicle in their fleet; and some may be looking for personal vehicle needs. Carrying products that cover every type of vehicle on the road can make a distributor a fleet’s go-to source for all parts and a customer’s only stop for what they need.

Telematics? That’s at AAPEX. Future vehicle technologies? That’s at AAPEX. Vehicle data security? That’s at AAPEX. Vehicle service training for smarter technicians? That’s at AAPEX, too.

Strengthening relationships, finding new buying partners and suppliers, getting the best-of-the-best for products on your shelves and in your warehouse. That’s what a tradeshow does to grow your business. That’s what AAPEX does to grow the heavy duty aftermarket’s competitive advantage.

AAPEX gets you ahead of the curve, in the heavy duty aftermarket, too. Come see what’s inside to push your heavy duty vehicle parts and service offerings forward.