Going Virtual: Great Training and So Much More!

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

By Carm Capriotto, podcast host, Remarkable Results Radio 

Imagine no AAPEX 2020 homecoming. We will be hard-pressed ever to forget 2020 and how our lives changed. I’m sure the powers considered every option, including local and state restrictions and the show-goers’ safety, when they decided to hold a virtual conference instead of an in-person trade show. 

I’m looking forward to the next best thing to AAPEX on-site, and that will be the Virtual AAPEX Experience. It’s free to attend; all you need to do is register

This has been the year of the virtual conference. Think about how your world has changed and the number of “stay at home” virtual events you’ve attended. When you think about zero travel and access to unprecedented training brought to you online, you can’t help but consider how much you can learn sitting in your sweats with pen in hand. I’ve attended online conferences where I took away new ideas and concepts and built a to-do list that will help my business. I know that there will be a wide array of training at the Virtual AAPEX Experience to help you personally and professionally develop and grow. We’ve learned since March 2020 to accept virtual as a new normal for keeping in touch and getting information.

I believe the pandemic forced us to learn how to assimilate virtual conferences. We’ve had on-line training for years, and for some, it was not their first choice. However, if you wanted to keep up and take advantage of quality education that shifted to on-line, you consented and engaged.

Now that you’ve learned how to pilot virtual training and events, stepping up to the Virtual AAPEX Experience should be easy and fruitful for you and your team.

This year, AAPEX built a robust training program around the service and repair professional and will bring that same commitment to virtual online training. To see the technical and management classes and the lineup of top-notch trainers, visit the Training Schedule

I ask that you make the Virtual AAPEX Experience the last stop on your 2020 calendar to build your learning curve as we head into 2021. Think of virtual training as the bridge on the USS Enterprise. Pull the right lever, push the correct button and command your learning curve.

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