AAPEX 2023: BG Products at Joe’s Garage

Monday, September 18, 2023

AAPEX 2023: BG Products at Joe’s Garage

Andy Baldassarre

By Andy Baldassarre, BG Director of Training & Marketing

Joe’s Garage, a real-world shop setup on the AAPEX show floor, officially was introduced in 2021. It has since grown to include 10 fully equipped bays with working lifts, running vehicles and a source capture vehicle exhaust extraction system, as well as a front counter. The shop has become the place for service and repair professionals from around the world to see product and equipment demonstrations, ask questions and receive training from leading manufacturers and suppliers.

This week’s blog provides an inside look at what’s in store for service and repair professionals from BG Products (Bay 7, Level 1, The Venetian Expo), an early supporter and partner in Joe’s Garage. Visit Joe’s Garage for a list of all exhibiting companies. 

BG products are used in more automotive aftermarket shops than any other brand, in fact, more than one-third of all automotive aftermarket shops in the United States and Canada. These shops know BG is second to none in quality, training and shop support. But there are still shops out there that haven’t had the opportunity to experience what BG has to offer.

We are excited to be exhibiting at AAPEX for the 12th consecutive year to educate shop owners and technicians on the benefits of partnering with BG. AAPEX provides an opportunity to do more than just talk about our products and services, we can show you how they work! At Joe’s Garage, automotive professionals from around the world get to interact with BG professionals as they demonstrate the efficiency of using BG service equipment.

Live Demos at Joe’s Garage

BG Products has been proud to support Joe’s Garage, AAPEX’s initiative to bring live demonstrations to attendees. Trade shows of the past were limited by the lack of availability of the necessary equipment, like vehicle lifts and exhaust extraction systems. 

“Joe’s Garage has changed the trade show experience for the better,” says Cody Lyons, BG Technical Services Manager. “There are a lot of technicians and independent shop owners who attend AAPEX, so having the ability to get hands-on with our equipment is a great way to show them how our services work on a vehicle while highlighting all the benefits that BG can provide to their shops and customers.”

Meet the Experts

Ryan Weems

Ryan Weems

The star of Bay 7 at Joe’s Garage is a senior member of the technical service team at BG Products. Ryan has traveled the globe training and supporting the automotive maintenance and repair community and has a passion for making a positive impact with everyone he meets.

Ryan has been a member of the BG team for more than 20 years, and has brought his unique flair to AAPEX in recent years. “Behind the scenes and around BG headquarters, Ryan Weems is a laid-back and easy-going guy,” said Tommy Garcia, BG Technical Sales Engineer. “But once he gets the microphone in Joe’s Garage, he’s a different person. He’s engaging with the crowd and drawing people in with his outgoing and fun-loving style. People line up at the BG bay to see what’s going on!” 

Cody Lyons

Cody has 15 years of experience in the automotive industry. He has a bachelor’s degree in automotive technology, a master’s degree in business administration and is ASE Certified. Cody has been with BG for more than 10 years and is currently the Technical Service Manager. 

Jeremy Dawson

Jeremy has worked in the automotive industry since 2001, serving in a variety of roles including as an ASE Master Technician, service advisor and service manager. He has been with BG for five years, currently as Field Support Specialist.

Featured Equipment

BG has several pieces of equipment being featured in Joe’s Garage this year. Our equipment is designed and tested by the BG Proving Ground in Wichita, Kan., by our mechanical engineers and technical service teams ensuring our equipment is efficient and easy-to-use. To ensure quality and support, our innovative tools and equipment are manufactured in-house by BG as well.

BG BFX Brake Fluid Exchanger

With touch-of-a-button operation and single ball-valve control, the BFX provides a seamless fluid exchange of all four wheels while performing the BG Brake Service. The BG BFX Brake Fluid Exchanger makes replacing brake fluid a breeze with a patent-pending, quick and easy brake system bleeding procedure.



  • No complicated knobs or buttons
  • Large capacity new fluid tank
  • Great for all vehicles, including hybrid and electric
  • Uses OEM-preferred methodology
  • Reduces brake service labor time
  • Improves exchange efficiency

BG MVP Coolant Exchanger

The BG MVP is a vacuum coolant exchanger, compatible with any vehicle with a coolant system, including hybrid electric and electric vehicles (HEVs and EVs). The BG MVP performs an effective BG Cooling System Service, exchanging worn-out coolant for fresh, new coolant. This machine allows technicians to move seamlessly between reservoirs and complete a cooling system service in less time with less effort.



  • Two cone adaptors to fit most vehicles
  • One tube size means no guessing on tube length
  • No disconnecting and reconnecting between the engine and the machine
  • Handheld dispenser controls the entire service at the vehicle
  • 360-degree view of fluid levels
  • Intuitive operation with handheld dispenser
  • Two lines run to the dispenser, so no intermixing of new/used fluid
  • Move seamlessly from one reservoir to the next
  • No pumps or impellers to replace
  • Compatible with any vehicle with a coolant system, including hybrid electric and electric vehicles (HEVs and EVs)

BG MAX Multi Application Exchanger

The BG MAX Multi Application Exchanger provides a fast and easy way to service all types of automotive differentials, manual transmissions, transfer cases, and change engine oil in light and heavy-duty vehicles. This machine is designed to be used with any petroleum-based oil. With fewer moving parts and using air for power, the BG MAX machine is extremely durable, versatile and will be a primary tool in your shop!



  • Air-powered and contains no used fluid pump
  • Handheld dispenser with a start/stop trigger on the end of the new fluid hose
  • Two fluid hoses for no cross-contamination
  • Quickly change between new fluids
  • One ball valve selects the service mode: fill, remove, etc.
  • Operates 100% on shop air; no tangled extension cords or wall outlets are needed.
  • The MAX machine also removes old engine oil, pulls fluid from automatic transmission pans, empties power steering reservoirs, and more.

BG Universal Spray Applicator

The BG Universal Spray Applicator is a self-contained, pumpless, one-charge air spraying tool that quickly applies non-aerosol BG Brake & Parts Cleaner. Safely hold and spray the contents of the entire can with a single air charge. And, it’s better for the environment! 



  • No harmful propellants needed
  • Connects to standard shop air connectors to charge
  • No open air pouring
  • Robust, corrosion-resistant design
  • Greener alternative to aerosols

Your Partner Beyond Products™

The automotive industry is always changing, and BG is always ready for the challenge with innovative products, equipment, training and technology. Automotive professionals choose BG Products as their supplier of fluid maintenance service products and equipment by a margin of 3 to 1 over any other supplier. Let us show you why! Stop by Bay 7 of Joe’s Garage and learn more about BG products and services!

AAPEX has dedicated all of Level 1 of The Venetian Expo to service and repair professionals. The area, now broadly referred to Joe’s Garage, will feature the shop, four training theaters, and dedicated sections including Tool & Equipment, Diagnostics/Telematics/Shop Management Solutions, Tire Servicing and Transmission Supplier.

An Electric Vehicle (EV) Experience will debut in Joe’s Garage in 2023 to highlight the companies across the show floor showcasing the latest EV advancements, offering comprehensive access to the products and specialized expertise service and repair professionals need to serve this rapidly expanding market. Shop-focused sessions led by industry-leading experts in EV technology will provide the training necessary to thrive in an electric and hybrid future.

Sept. 18, 2023