Win Big in Vegas by Supporting Right to Repair Legislation at AAPEX

November 1, 2023

Win Big in Vegas by Supporting Right to Repair Legislation at AAPEX

AAPEX 2023 attendees: get ready for an exciting opportunity that goes beyond the event itself. Imagine winning a free stay at the luxurious Venetian Las Vegas during AAPEX 2024 – sounds amazing, right?

Well, you can, and it’s easier than you might think!

AAPEX attendees have the chance to make a real impact by supporting right to repair legislation, all while entering for a chance to win this fantastic prize. First, let’s understand why right to repair matters and how your participation can make a difference.

What is Right to Repair?

Right to repair is a crucial issue for drivers, independent repair, and the automotive industry as a whole. It involves ensuring that individuals and businesses have the ability to access repair manuals, diagnostic tools, and replacement parts for vehicles of all classes. These basic rights are currently at risk, which is why the Auto Care Association and MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers have worked with lawmakers to introduce the REPAIR Act: federal legislation which would if passed, guarantee these rights for our future, an the future of generations to come.

How does the REPAIR Act impact the aftermarket?

This bill gives the automotive aftermarket access to vehicle-generated data without restrictions or limitations from motor vehicle manufacturers. The REPAIR Act calls for a standardized access platform that would ensure repair facilities have access to the necessary tools and critical information needed to maintain, service, and repair vehicles.

What can you do to ensure this bill is passed?

It’s simple. Scan the right to repair QR code that you see all around AAPEX and fill in your information, or click here! This will generate a message to your local Representatives on the importance of the REPAIR Act to your company and the automotive aftermarket industry. It’s as easy as that. We encourage you to share this campaign with your colleagues to help garner support for this important legislation. This single issue will have lasting implications for the automotive aftermarket and consumers everywhere. Make sure your Representative hears from you how this impacts your company.

Supporting right to repair legislation means advocating for laws that empower drivers and the entire supply chain of the independent aftermarket to manufacture parts for and fix vehicles themselves. It promotes competition, reduces waste, and can ultimately saves drivers money by providing choice.

How Else Can You Get Involved?

It doesn’t stop with you. It’s important to take this message back to your companies and have your colleagues also send the letter.

• Spread the Word: Encourage your fellow AAPEX attendees to participate in the letter-writing campaign. The more voices we have, the stronger our message becomes.
• Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated on right to repair developments and legislation in your area. Knowledge is power, and being informed can help you advocate effectively.

Win a Free Stay at the Venetian Las Vegas!

As a token of our appreciation for your support, we’re giving you the chance to win a free stay at the Venetian Las Vegas during AAPEX 2024. Just by taking a few minutes to write a letter supporting right to repair legislation, you’ll be entered into the drawing for this fantastic prize. It’s a win-win!

By supporting right to repair, you’re not only advocating for a more consumer-friendly and sustainable future but also increasing your chances of enjoying a luxurious stay in Las Vegas during AAPEX 2024.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a difference and win big in Vegas! Visit the right to repair advocacy table at AAPEX, located at the bottom of the escalator in Joe’s Garage, and let your voice be heard. Together, we can create positive change and ensure a level playing field for consumers and independent repair professionals alike.