Shop Owner Spotlight

Kristi Hudson

Co-Owner, Troy Auto Care →


Tell us about yourself

Where is your shop located?

Troy Michigan

Tell us a little about your shop.

We are a multi-shop business with 3 locations all located in the city of Troy, Troy Auto Care an 8-bay location with 10 employees, Troy Auto Care II a 13-bay location with 14 employees, and Troy Auto & Truck Cen-ter an 18-bay location with 22 employees. The first location was started in 1958, Troy Auto Care II opened in 2018 and Troy Auto & Truck Center opened in 2021.

Does your shop specialize in any certain repairs or specialties?

All shops specialize in all makes and models and do fleet work. The Truck center also specializes in trucks of all sizes.

Have you been to the AAPEX show?

Yes, we attend every year.

If the answer is yes to the above question, what did you find most beneficial? Anything you would change?

I find that the training is one of the most beneficial areas for us, each year we bring multiple employees out to attend training and learn about new and upcoming areas and tools.

Will you be attending AAPEX 2023?

Yes, we will be attending.

Will any of your staff be attending?

Yes, every year we bring approximately 10 employees with us.

Do you receive the AAPEX Newsletter? If yes, do you read it?

Yes, we do and we read it.

What is currently the biggest issue the automotive aftermarket is facing?

Right to Repair Act

What have been the biggest challenges your shop has faced over the last 2 years?

Part availability, lack of access to newer technology, and acquiring spe-cialty tools.

What is your view on the future of the Automotive Aftermarket?

I feel that it is strong and will increase even more with the Right to Repair Act.

If you could give other shop owners one piece of advice, what would it be?

Invest in your technicians, especially their education. Get involved in an apprenticeship program.

What is the most important part your shop uses on a daily basis and why?

Diagnostic aids(Identafix, scan tools, etc). It is important so that we can diagnose cars properly and efficiently.

Does your shop face any challenges sourcing parts?


How do you discover new parts?

Through AAPEX and by networking with other shop owners.

How important is AAPEX in helping you discover new products and parts to use in your shop?

Extremely helpful.

How important is it for your shop to have the most current parts?

It is imperative to have both the most current parts and tools.

How is your shop affected by the supply chain of automotive parts?

Customers have had to learn to wait much longer for turnaround on their vehicles, and service advisors and technicians have to work on com-municating to make sure that everyone stays busy end efficient while waiting on parts.

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