SKF to Debut New Aftermarket Products at AAPEX

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

SKF to Debut New Aftermarket Products at AAPEX

SKF announced it plans to reveal two new products for its U.S. automotive aftermarket product lineup at this year’s AAPEX in booth #A4016. SKF said it will debut its new Smart Air Purification System and Timing Chain Kits, as well as showcase several of its current automotive technologies.

“We’re excited to return to AAPEX, the premier automotive aftermarket event, and meet with our peers, customers and vehicle service experts,” said Cengiz Shevket, president of vehicle aftermarket sales, North America at SKF. “Our booth highlights SKF’s continued commitment to developing industry-leading automotive aftermarket products that help automotive service professionals keep vehicles on the road.”  

SKF smart air purification system

SKF’s Smart air purification system upgrades most vehicles’ factory-installed cabin air filter with next-generation OEM air purification technology, offering a greater level of air purification to filter impurities, such as pollen, smoke and particulate matter from wildfires and heavy traffic, the company said. 

The Smart air purification system combines particle-charging technology with an optimized filter to provide a constant flow of clean, fresh air, reduce carbon dioxide levels and flush out odors, airborne viruses, and bacteria. The particle-charging technology gives airborne particles an electrical charge as they enter the system, making them “stickier” so they get trapped more effectively in the filter. The system is particularly effective at capturing the ultrafine and most harmful particles, such as those stemming from wildfires, heavy traffic, and brake wear, according to SKF. An air quality monitor and mobile app allows the driver to monitor and control the vehicle’s air quality and compare it with the quality of outside air.

SKF’s Smart air purification system will be available in November through leading online e-commerce platforms and at many automotive parts stores, according to SKF. 

SKF timing chain kits

SKF’s new lineup of timing chain kits, packaged with all components needed for a complete engine timing chain replacement, feature an anti-friction chain for maximum strength and durability. 

The kit’s components, including sliding guides, chain tensioners, and sprockets, are completely redesigned with high-strength, heat-treated steel for optimal performance and the latest wear-resistant technology to increase longevity. Engineered for optimal stretch, the timing chain prevents unnecessary friction or slippage between the chain and sprocket teeth. “The kits are highly customized to perfectly match vehicle specifications and facilitate faster replacement,” SKF said.

The timing chain kits are available through SKF’s website, e-commerce websites and local automotive parts retailers, SKF said.