Photo Gallery: AAPEX Show Floor

The energy on the AAPEX show floor was electric. With attendance numbers at near pre-pandemic levels, booths were packed as attendees took in the latest and greatest products, services and innovations the automotive aftermarket has to offer. We’re talking ADAS and EVs, e-commerce and new product lines. There’s no substitute for being here, but this photo gallery aims to be the next best thing. So, take a virtual walk through the show with the photos below.

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  • Martin Miller says:

    I wish I could have made the the Pilgrimage to this Automotive Professionals’ Holy Land. I am a Parts Person with an Auto Value affiliated parts Store,and this is their/our National Convention, which makes it that much better. I hope to be there next time. I applaud all the organizers of the show, there wouldn’t be one without you. To all the company’s and their reps, I applaud you too. It’s not easy to be there all day standing fielding questions from customers.

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