OK … But Why AAPEX?

Monday, October 31, 2022

Ok … But Why AAPEX?

By Liz Goad, CMP, DES, Sr. Director, Programs, Events & Operations, Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association

Liz Goad

By now, you’ve likely seen at least one AAPEX mention in an email, blog, social media post, or digital ad while working, browsing the internet, or reading the news. You may have attended AAPEX in the past, may have attended SEMA, may have only heard from friends who have been to the show, or maybe you just aren’t sure how AAPEX impacts the aftermarket, your life, or your business. . . yet. 

Our Community, Our Home

No matter your experience with AAPEX or the aftermarket, AAPEX is your home. It’s the heart of the aftermarket. The gathering place for the industry to exchange ideas, best practices, learn from one another, build trust and relationships and connect with friends and colleagues. A community that provides products, content and connections all year long. 

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the aftermarket in 2022 through the eyes of AAPEX and see why AAPEX is considered home for the aftermarket.

Connected All Year

Blogs: Looking all the way back to May when AAPEX 2022 registration opened, AAPEX has brought industry insights, commentary and ideas through the AAPEX blog and its aftermarket community contributors. Topics have focused on the top issues the aftermarket is facing today and include, among others:

Training: Along the way, AAPEX also engaged the service and repair community in an 8-part online training series designed to provide helpful technical training and important management content to shops. Sessions covered ADAS, Diagnostics, Hiring & Retention and Customer Satisfaction to name a few. 

Webinars: And most recently, the AAPEX webinar series delivered a deep dive into business strategy covering content like Last Mile Logistics, Technology, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and the Impact of Domestic Freight. 

Together in Las Vegas

After staying connected in various ways during the year, the aftermarket looks forward to getting together in Las Vegas for AAPEX where we shake hands, demo products, talk shop and welcome one another home. We feel connected. Part of an amazing community. Trusted and understood.

And we would be remiss if we didn’t take time to recognize and appreciate the core of AAPEX and our industry: The suppliers, manufacturers and service providers and  all the innovation, insights, products and technologies they bring to the aftermarket and to AAPEX.  

Exhibitors rely on AAPEX to showcase all they have to offer the aftermarket. And AAPEX 2022 is no exception. 

When you make your way to The Venetian Expo (formerly Sands), November 1-3, be sure to check out the people and products behind the industry. Some of the features you won’t want to miss include:

  • Demos: Now featuring 10 service bays in Repair Shop HQ on Level 1, Joe’s Garage provides a platform for exhibitors to demo their equipment using lifts and running vehicles. Demonstrations from featured exhibitors include First Brands, Texa USA, Coats, Bosch, Advance Professional, Autel, Right to Repair and MAHLE.
  • CelebritiesBe sure to say hello to Ron Capps, Richard Petty, Jeff Lutz, Clay Millican, Adam LZ, Chelsea DeNofa, Loren Healy, Vaughn Gittin and others by visiting exhibitors like NGK Spark Plugs, CRC Industries, THINKCAR TECH, and NAPA AutoCare.
  • AAPEX Stage and Let’s Tech: Featuring sessions on Supply Chain, China, Electric Vehicles, Ecommerce, ADAS, and the US Diesel Aftermarket from companies like Mitchell 1, Lucas Diesel Systems, Interact One, Midtronics, YCP Solidiance, and S&P Global Mobility. The AAPEX Stage can be found in the Level 2 Lobby. 
  • New Products: The New Product and Packaging Showcases unveil the newest and best from this year’s AAPEX exhibitors and is located on Level 2, between aisle A33000 and A32000. Winners of the New Product and Packaging Showcases are honored at the AAPEX Stage on Tuesday, November 1 at 10:30 a.m. 
  • Contests & Giveaways: AAPEX exhibitors know how to welcome guests to their booths. Use the AAPEX exhibitor list and floor plan to find exhibitors like Idemitsu, Ascension Engineering, Repairify, FedPro and Ams-OSRAM Sylvania offering games and contests with giveaways and prizes including custom personalized items, GoKarts, Yeti Coolers, and Amazon Gift Cards.
  • Featured Sections: Find everything you are looking for and more from exhibitors like Coats, Wal-Mart, e-Bay, Defa, Midtronics, NAPA Auto Care, and Autel in featured sections including Diagnostics & Telematics, Tool & Equipment, Tire Servicing, Transmission, Alternative Fuel & Electric Vehicle, E-Commerce, and Remanufacturing. 


AAPEX truly is a remarkable showcase of the aftermarket community. With all the exchanges, conversations, trainings, blogs, webinars and messages throughout the year culminating at its center, its core, its home. A place for change, progress and advancement. For trust, bonding, relationships and growth. 

The aftermarket is a special industry to be part of and we can’t wait to welcome you home to AAPEX on November 1!  

Oct. 31, 2022