NRS Brakes adds new 2018-22 EVs to galvanized brake pad lineup

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

AAPEX Live 2022 Coverage

NRS Brakes added 12 New Part Numbers for 2018-2022 Polestar, Ford, Ram, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda and Audi vehicles covering 5 Million Vehicles in Galvanized Premium Brake Pads product line. Brake Kits also include Abutment Hardware and Caliper Piston Cushions.


Canadian made Galvanized brake pads by NRS Brakes incorporates patented NRS friction attachment technology. The result is a quiet, safe and long-lasting brake pad. Galvanized Steel won’t fail as a result of corrosion or friction material delamination from the backing plate.

Specifically Designed Brake Pads for Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Technology

Why pads deteriorate due to regen braking: Hybrid and electric cars brake differently than gasoline powered vehicles. A gasoline vehicle uses brakes frequently, causing them to heat and dissipate moisture.

Hybrid and electric cars use their electric motor to slow the vehicle, resulting in less frequent use of your brakes. This can cause moisture buildup, corrosion and premature brake failure. NRS-EV brake pads are specifically engineered for your hybrid or electric vehicle, using rust-resistant galvanized steel.

The company is at booth #5057.