Lumileds Showcases Philips Lights, Smart Car Aroma Diffuser at AAPEX

Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Lumileds Showcases Philips Lights, Smart Car Aroma Diffuser at AAPEX

Lumileds offers a variety of lighting products including the Philips Xperion 6000 LED Flood Lights, designed to help service technicians light up their work area faster and more precisely. The company has also introduced a new aroma diffuser specifically designed for use in vehicles.

AAPEX attendees can view the company’s products at booth #A3623.

The Xperion 6000 LED Flood and Flood Mini feature pivoting handles with powerful magnets embedded in them, allowing users to mount the Xperion 6000 LED flood lights on most any metallic surface. In addition, the handles are formed from two halves that can be rotated apart to create hooks that can be used to hang the lights. These options make it easy for technicians to quickly aim the light where they need it to get their job done.

Lumileds has added to the Philips Ultinon Drive 5000 Series of LED auxiliary lighting with five new LED pod lights: a 3” cube spotlight, a 3” driving light, and a 3” flood light, as well as a 4” round flood light and a 7” round light with a combination driving/flood beam pattern. They all feature LED heat sinks, stainless steel brackets and Lexan light covers.

The Xperion 3000 LED line includes 10 work lights, nine of which are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries. The Xperion 3000 Pen eco is powered by three AAA batteries. Included in this line are the Pillar, a hand-held work light that can also serve as a spotlight, to the Penlight, which combines a broad inspection light and a handy spotlight for tight spaces.

The Philips Xperion 6000 Under Hood LED Work Light features a motion detection switch that allows mechanics to turn the light on and off with a wave of their hand, so they can operate it without putting down tools or interrupting their work.

The Philips OlfaPure 7300 is an app-controlled, car aroma diffuser that allows drivers and passengers to relax, stay alert, reduce motion sickness or simply refresh the air inside their vehicle by choosing from a broad selection of French-designed fragrances. The diffuser holds up to four different scent cartridges at a time, allowing users to customize their preferred aroma to improve their driving experience and mood.

For more information, visit booth #A3623, or call 1-866-254-6989.