KYB Training Vehicle Hits the Streets For On-Site Training

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

AAPEX Live 2022 Coverage

In keeping with its focus on education and training, KYB says it is taking its popular Video Training Series on the road with a custom built Toyota 4Runner overlanding vehicle.

The KYB “4Trainer” will utilize an audio/video system and product displays for onsite education programs, as well as provide immediate access to the KYB Video Training Series. The 4Trainer will showcase KYB products and it features the newly introduced KYB JAOS adjustable suspension lift kits. The vehicle will also be used to educate consumers on the need for increased performance when running larger wheels and tires, hauling, or towing.

The integrated KYB Video Training Series consists of a series of short videos and quizzes for parts pros and service technicians. Professionals will learn how critical shocks are to vehicle control and safety systems, how to determine if shocks are worn enough to recommend replacement, and techniques focused on increasing their ride control replacement business.

Each service technician who completes the program will receive a KYB long sleeve t-shirt, and parts professionals completing the program will receive their choice of KYB hats. The interactive, self-paced KYB Video Training Series can also be found at

The KYB 4Trainer will be making appearances throughout the U.S. and Canada. Automotive Professionals can contact their local KYB Sales Manager to request an appearance.

Visit booth #A4622 for more info.