Coats to Feature Inspection Lane System at AAPEX 2023

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Coats to Feature Inspection Lane System at AAPEX 2023

The Coats Company announced the company is set to feature its Coats Inspection Lane System, a fully touchless solution, at AAPEX 2023 in the Tire section of the Repair Shop HQ. Attendees are invited to booth #J9028 and Bays 1 and 2 of Joe’s Garage to see the system in action. 

The system encompasses the Coats Alignment Check, Coats Tread-Depth Scanner and Coats Bodyguard, delivering instantaneous and precise results to enhance efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction, the company said. 

The Coats Alignment Check System introduces a contactless three-second drive-through experience for instant, accurate results displayed directly on-screen. With the system’s high-definition cameras and laser measurements, vehicle information such as make, model, year and alignment specifications are swiftly captured and compared, generating detailed, color-coded reports for easy customer review. This technology not only acts as a powerful selling tool but also provides valuable insights into daily traffic, trends and service rider upsell performance. 

The Coats Alignment Check System seamlessly integrates with the Coats Tread-Depth Scanner, offering a comprehensive evaluation of alignment and tread depth. This integration allows customers to visualize a complete picture of their vehicle’s service needs, further enhancing the dealership service experience. 

“And the inspection lane does wonders for shops,” said Jenna Kuczkowski, product & brand marketing specialist for Coats. “Especially when aiming to boost revenue. When a vehicle passes through the inspection lane, we obtain readings that can be easily shown to customers in a clear printout. This shows them the current state of their vehicle and allows technicians to say, ‘We’ve checked your tread depth, and it’s below the safe level for leaving the shop. We highly recommend tire replacement. And, if the alignment is off, it’s strongly advisable to have it corrected today for both your safety and to extend the lifespan of those new tires.’ The system not only empowers shops to offer these vital services but also provides data-driven backing, demonstrating to customers that the recommendations are supported by the system.” 

The Coats Inspection Lane System also includes the Coats Bodyguard Vehicle Damage Detection System. This technology automates the capturing of incoming vehicle conditions, streamlining the intake inspection process and relieving stress on dealership teams. The Bodyguard system, equipped with high-speed cameras and high-intensity LED lights, captures even the smallest scratches and dents with high-resolution imaging. The captured images are securely stored on the cloud and can be accessed remotely, offering an efficient process for reviewing vehicle damage claims and protecting the dealership’s reputation. 

“We are thrilled to present the Coats Inspection Lane System — a full touchless solution that redefines dealership operations and enhances the customer experience,” said Brent Radtke director of product & strategy at The Coats Company. “By seamlessly integrating our state-of-the-art Coats Alignment Check, Tread-Depth Scanner and Bodyguard systems, we are paving the way for a new era in vehicle service.” 

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