AAPEX Live Aftershow: Trends From This Year’s Show

AAPEX 2022 might be over, but the conversation continues. This year ushered in numerous automotive aftermarket trend talking points – from the rise of EVs to the next fight in Right to Repair. To talk through what that means to the industry as a whole, AAPEX Live Editor Jason Morgan sat down with aftermarketNews Editor Amy Antenora in the Babcox Media Studio in Akron, Ohio, for her perspective on the show. Watch the video above.

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  • Dvae Pekonen says:

    EVs? She said people vote with their wallet. The elections proved otherwise. Good story on Right to Repair. OEs should try to funnel business to their dealers but mandate NO. Many OEM parts are manufactured by the Aftermarket anyway. The dealer reminders are a plus for indepenents if consumers understand. Make them understand. WIX etc say DOES NOT VOID MFG WARRANTY. The problem is most people don’t buy oil filters, their service people do. Should be promoted to the public in general.

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