A Homecoming

Monday, May 24, 2021

By Carm Capriotto, podcast host, Remarkable Results Radio

I’ve spoken to so many in the last month about the desire to gather with industry peers. I recently attended an event, and it was an elixir of networking and discovery.

AAPEX 2021 is giving us the opportunity to gather as in years past to do our business, solidify friendships, make new friends and foster ideas. I have a feeling that this year’s AAPEX will have an aura about it like no other. With many new concepts and a strong focus on the service professional, AAPEX will not be the same as in years past. Joe’s Garage will become the service pro’s principal place to hang out. It will lend itself to the environment that we work in every day.

So not only will we greet AAPEX 2021 as a “Homecoming” of sorts, we will see and be part of a nuance that focuses on the most important part of the aftermarket. The hard-working technicians and shop owners who keep the world’s vehicles safe and reliable. 

Not only will Joe’s Garage signify the service pro as the centerpiece of the aftermarket, but the training that has been assembled will showcase technical and business management training. We’ve been in virtual mode for months. Now it’s time for face to face again. For many, it just may be your first in-person training in 21 months. For a review of the training being offered, visit the Training Schedule

As I look at a trend among shop owners to make training a competitive advantage in their market, bringing your technicians and service advisors to AAPEX this year is wise. There is so much to learn, so much to see, and old and new friends to meet.

Since I’ve been involved with AAPEX, their focus on the service professional has grown. This year will kick off their massive commitment to showcasing the service side of our industry by dedicating a unique space to engage with suppliers, equipment and software vendors and a dedicated training schedule. Exciting times!

I’ve done podcast episodes with shop owners who have discussed bringing their team to events like AAPEX. You don’t need to close the shop, but schedule a little less work and reward some team members a trip to AAPEX? Bring one or two with you to AAPEX; they will not forget the experience.

This is our year. It’s time to embrace our essential industry and show up in mass in Las Vegas at AAPEX 2021, Nov 2 – 4. Besides Joe’s Garage, the training and the networking, you just may have some fun for yourself and your team. I’ll see you there. Register now