Dive Deeper in Regional Demand Index Data


Auto Care Association recently deepened its geographic coverage, moving from four to nine regions. This allows subscribers to compare point of monthly sales data for more than 80 parts categories across the nine regions pictured here.

In September, the Auto Care Association released 10 additional product groups: ABS Wheel Speed Sensors, Timing Belt Kits, Variable Valve Timing, Catalytic Converters, Mufflers, Fuel Injectors, Throttle Bodies, Heater Cores, Loaded Struts and Bare Struts. You may view the entire list of product categories and what rolls up into them at this site.

There are other features under development to allow subscribers to compare their performance to the rest of the market, as well as calculate market share–-stay tuned for details when they go live! Any contact at an Auto Care Association member company can access the full suite of TrendLens by creating a free login. To use Demand Index, companies need to be eligible manufacturers.

To learn more about how Auto Care’s exclusive data platforms can help your business get the competitive edge and if you are eligible, schedule a live demo.