Hot Shot’s Secret Sponsored Competitors Again Sweep the Podium at Amsoil Ultimate Callout Challenge

July 25, 2023

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Mt Gilead, OH, (June 9, 2022) – Hot Shot’s Secret sponsored competitors have once again filled the podium at the 2023 Amsoil Ultimate Callout Challenge (UCC), the premier diesel event in the USA that brings together the top diesel trucks in the nation to compete for points in three categories – drag racing, dyno competition and sled pulling. Hot Shot’s Secret, an event Gold Sponsor, Sled Pulling sponsor and the official fuel additive for UCC, has a long history of sponsoring diesel competition including this event held at the Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park each June. Hot Shot’s Secret, commonly recognized as the diesel experts, has now sponsored every UCC overall champion – Lavon Miller, Derek Rose, Justin Ziegler and now Tony Burkhard and his son Tyler.

Hot Shot’s Secret is pleased to congratulate this year’s top three overall champions – first place winner Tony and Tyler Burkhard and their never give up team Dirty Hooker Diesel; second place overall champion Josh McCormack for his phenomenal dyno run and his W.O.T. Motorsport team, and third place overall champion Hunter Coffey with his top finish on the drag strip. As in years’ past, all three overall champions are supported with Hot Shot’s Secret high-performance lubricants and additives.

Tony and Tyler Burkhard with Dirty Hooker Diesel from Harbor Beach, Michigan, were top contenders in 2022 finishing third in last year’s competition. This year father and son overcame major challenges including a wrecked truck on Friday, which resulted in engine damage discovered on the dyno on Saturday to fight back and still walk away with top overall points. Burkhard ran 5.312 sec on the 1/8-mile track for 846 points, coming in second behind Hunter Coffey, and then pulled 2,379.1 HP on the dyno for 723.033 points working with a wrecked truck from Friday night. Dealing with a damaged engine on Saturday, the team was able to wrap up the championship with 308.3 ft. for 1,045.085 points in the sled pull with Tony behind the wheel in an unimaginable situation of working with a borrowed engine for the pull.

Still Tony bested second place overall champion, Josh McCormack, co-owner of W.O.T. Motorsports (Virginia) who had sealed the highest points in dyno with a first-place finish of 2,879.5 HP for 959.833 points. Third in overall points was Hunter Coffey finishing first in the drag race at 5.111 seconds for 913 points followed by 812 points for dyno competition on Saturday and wrapping up with 928.407 points for the sled pull to be named third overall champion.

Kyle Fischer, Hot Shot’s Secret Director of Branding & Promotions, says, “This diesel triathlon is the most grueling competition out there and ideal for our brand of products that gives racers, pullers and dyno competitors the edge they need to win. Big shout-out to Tony and Tyler and their entire crew. They overcame the unthinkable – wrecked truck and damaged engine to come out on top and it was their never say die attitude and team spirit that got them to the finish. This is the event I look forward to most each year. It is three days of adrenaline-soaked HP where competitors come from across the country to put their diesel to the test in the most extreme competition where anything can happen. This year it did and yet we have a perfect example of how with the right team you can exceed expectations.”

Chris Searle, UCC and DPI Expo Director, adds, “If you love diesel performance, this is one event you can’t miss. We are thankful for all our sponsors and appreciate that Hot Shot’s Secret has become one of our major sponsors ensuring that UCC is here to stay.”

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