Plews & Edelmann introduces Electric Steering Rack, Pinion Belt Drive Replacement Kit

November 2, 2023

Plews & Edelmann introduces Edelmann Electric Steering Rack and Pinion Belt Drive Replacement Kit

Plews & Edelmann has introduced the Edelmann Electric Steering Rack and Pinion Drive Belt Replacement Kit, filling a void where previously no service options existed outside of full rack replacement, the company stated. Now, technicians and DIYers have a cost-effective, mechanical fix for worn or failed EPS drive belts.

The complete replacement cost of modern electric racks has left drivers facing steep repair bills, made worse by low availability of replacement parts in some circumstances. The Edelmann belt kit offers easy, affordable repairs without needing to source a new rack.

Each kit contains a new belt manufactured to OE specifications along with all necessary components to complete the service. OE fit, form and function is ensured across seals, clamps and parts. With parts included for a complete fix, technicians can avoid relying on hard-to-find parts that may be unavailable. The repair can be performed with commonly available tools, and no reprogramming is necessary with this type of repair.

“By introducing the EPS belt repair option, we’ve filled a huge void in serviceability for these systems,” said Evan Bauer, Director of Category Management at Plews & Edelmann. “Our kit empowers repairs that simply weren’t possible before. And it provides a critical service option when replacement racks are scarce.”

“We’re excited to introduce this first-of-its-kind solution to an extremely common issue facing vehicles today,” said Anthony Holguin, Category Manager at Plews & Edelmann. “These kits provide opportunity and convenience by enabling quick, affordable repairs using basic tools. It’s a game changer for servicing modern electric steering systems.”

The Edelmann Electric Steering Rack and Pinion Drive Belt Replacement Kits cover a wide range of late model domestic and import applications. Detailed video instructions accessible by QR code provide step-by-step guidance to make the fix even simpler. As with all Plews & Edelmann products, the kits are backed by over 70 years of steering system expertise.