JohnDow Introduces three New Products

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

AAPEX Live 2022 Coverage

JohnDow Industries Inc. (JDI) is introducing three new products at its AAPEX Booth #R7829 within the Venetian Expo, Level 1. These products include an Oil Container Drainer and Static Grounding Reel under JDI’s Service Equipment division, and TPMS Retrofit Sensors under JDI’s Dynamic division.

With its newest original product, the Oil Container Drainer, JDI says shops can safely and easily drain oil bottles before recycling by placing bottles upside down on the Oil Container Drainer pegs. The heavy-duty, steel Oil Container Drainer easily connects to a drum to provide a safe way to drain and dispose excess oil from bottles.

When a grounding wire while working with fuel products is needed, JDI says its compact Static Grounding Reel provides a safe solution with its low retraction, a ratchet-locking mechanism and auto-release during wire over-stretching to always maintain safety. With three mounting options, the Static Grounding Reel is ideal for refueling stations, fuel tanks, stationary and mobile fuel delivery trucks, maintenance/industrial industries, aviation refueling, and any hazardous areas with potentially dangerous static electricity.

For vehicles and applications where Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) do not come standard – for example trailers, ATVs, RVs, motorcycles, heavy-duty vehicles or virtually any air-inflated tire – Dynamic says it developed its latest product, Retrofit Sensors, so users can receive real-time tire pressure and tire temperature when tires are significantly under-inflated to avoid unsafe driving conditions.

Dynamic’s new Retrofit Sensors are available in External (outside of the wheel) and Internal (inside of the wheel) sensor options. With the easy-to-use Smartphone App, users can add as many sensors as needed, up to 36 sensors, along with setting up App profiles for numerous vehicles/applications. Additionally, Dynamic says its BLE TPMS Repeater increases the overall distance up to 30 feet (10 meters) for longer trailers or when dealing with metal interference. With no pairing needed, the Repeater easily installs with two wires near the back of the hauling vehicle.

“During a time where there are numerous supply chain constraints, we are excited to have this opportunity to bring these new products to the market,” said Robert Christy, JDI president. “We continue to be agile and grow the business in order to provide what our customers need.”

The company will be at booth #R7829.