Virtual Exhibitor Platform Overview

Exhibitors registered for the Virtual AAPEX Experience will receive a Welcome Email from the Grip virtual platform, providing credentials for login and a link to get setup and get started.*

Check out the Virtual AAPEX Exhibitor Guide that includes answers to FAQs and reviews how to:

  • Access your account
  • Set up your personal profile
  • Set up your company profile
  • Use team
  • Network

A Grip platform overview webinar was conducted for confirmed exhibitors on September 25, 2020. Whether you were confirmed after that date, or were unable to make the virtual session, don’t worry! Click below to watch the recorded session, providing an overview of what you’ll experience in the platform and how to navigate it.

A follow up exhibitor “office hour” was held on October, 1, 2020 to answer additional virtual platform questions. Click below to watch the recorded session.

*Contact Kelly Denman at if you are a confirmed exhibitor and do not receive your Grip platform invite within a few days of confirmation.