Past Webinars

In a changing world, it’s key to maintain a global perspective of the automotive aftermarket. The October weekly webinar series featured valuable content presented by leaders on the future of the industry. Watch the recorded webinars if you couldn’t join live!

The Changing Landscape of Low Cost Countries
Presented by Steve Ganster and Pilar Dieter of YCP Solidiance
Recorded on: Tuesday, October 6 

Trade Tariffs,  Covid Constraints and Navigating the New Normal in global supply chains are increasingly common themes in today’s board rooms trying to determine the best way to enable the quest for profitable growth.  While many US companies have grown tightly integrated with their China based supply chains, recent geopolitical events have shone light on new challenges in sourcing from and selling into traditional Low Cost Countries.  In the first AAPEX Webinar Series, we invited 2 Asia focused executives, Steve Ganster and Pilar Dieter of YCP Solidiance to break down the realities of how US corporations are taking decisions to protect profits in their global business with an eye for emerging markets and low cost countries (LCCs).

Industry 4.0: The Digitization of Supply Chain and Manufacturing Strategies for the Automotive Aftermarket
Presented by Aneesh Padalkar, Principal, Ricardo Strategic Consulting and Dan Foster, Senior Manager, Ricardo Strategic Consulting
Recorded on: Tuesday, October 13

The team of experts from Ricardo Strategic Consulting explored the impact of Industry 4.0 on remanufacturing and the automotive aftermarket. They also examined how companies can reduce costs, improve quality, and grow revenue by adopting best practices in this area. Aiming to bring clarity to a broad set of new technologies, the team discussed:

  • How reman and all aftermarket companies can utilize vehicle lifecycle data and smart factories to optimize manufacturing processes
  • How manufacturers can use prognostics and AI to identify failures before they occur
  • How the overall aftermarket industry will need to compete in a digitized world

5 Trends in 5 Minutes: Key Automotive Trends Impacting the North American Aftermarket | Import Segment Panel Discussion
Presented by the Import Vehicle Community and Todd Campau, Associate Director for Automotive Solutions, IHS Markit
Recorded on: Tuesday, October 20

This webinar highlighted key industry trends impacting the global automotive aftermarket (with a special focus on the US import market). While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the world, IHS Markit continues to evaluate and analyze global auto demand, impact of COVID-19 on the industry and economy and how these changes will shape the future. Key takeaways included:

  • Vehicle sales forecast and current miles driven
  • Trends impacting traditional aftermarket sweet spot as the population of older vehicles continues to rise
  • The role of new technology in the global automotive aftermarket

Following the IHS Markit’s presentation, the Import Vehicle Community hosted a panel discussion on issues and challenges members are facing and opportunities in the import automotive aftermarket segment. Panelists included:

  • Bob Cushing, President and CEO, WORLDPAC and Executive Vice President of Professional, Advance Auto Parts
  • Malcolm Sissmore, Vice President, Sales North America Independent Aftermarket, Delphi
  • Bill Moss, Owner, EuroService Automotive; President, BIMRS
  • John Treece, President and CEO, DMA Sales (Moderator)

Aftermarket 2021
Presented by Nathan Shipley, NPD
Recorded on: Tuesday, October 27

At this year’s aftermarket outlook session, NPD’s Executive Director and Industry Analyst, Nathan Shipley, will cover the trends that we have observed both in general retail and the aftermarket over the last six months, what those trends mean as we look forward to 2021 (and beyond), and how we should all be thinking about this year as a huge gift to the aftermarket from a consumer behavior standpoint. And while many industries are feeling the pressure as a result of the pandemic, the automotive aftermarket industry has been the standout exception. You won’t want to miss this!

Attendees will learn:

  • How the macro U.S. retail environment is performing relative to past years
  • What is trending in the e-commerce channel
  • What macro factors will have the greatest influence on 2021 aftermarket sales
  • Which changing consumer attitudes may represent opportunities for growth

Join us for these general sessions, and access more focused sessions and expert training at the Virtual AAPEX Experience, November 3–5. Don’t forget to follow #AAPEX21 to stay connected.