Booth Prep Tips

Unable to make it to Booth Camp or looking to revisit a session you attended? Check out the featured videos below and the full selection here, to help you prepare for AAPEX 2019.

Can you answer these questions?

By now, you have defined your goals and know what you want to achieve at AAPEX. Booth traffic is key to achieving your goals, so have a plan to drive attendees your way. Make sure you can answer these questions:

  1. How are you reaching out to current customers and prospects to get them to your booth?
    • For customers and known prospects, consider reaching out via email, phone calls, direct mail, or direct messages on social media.
    • For new and organic prospects, use social media and in-booth attractions.
  2. What compelling reasons can you provide attendees to visit your booth?
    • Conduct new product or services demos.
    • Unveil special pricing or deals only available at AAPEX.
    • Promote the presence of a celebrity or people they might know (customer service or sales representative) who will be at your booth.
    • Organize a high-energy, entertaining activity in your booth, such as a game, contest, or drawing.Note: Make sure you focus on these reasons in your promotions prior to AAPEX.
  3. Have you taken advantage of free and paid resources offer at AAPEX?
    • Have you taken advantage of free and paid resources offered at AAPEX?
    • Fill out your eBooth Profile so attendees can easily search for you.
    • Place the Exhibitor Widget on your website to display your booth number and link to your eBooth profile so customers know where they can find you.
    • Take advantage of sponsorships that provide out-of-booth visibility and help you stand out from the other 2,500+ booths.
    • Display your innovations in the New Product and Packaging Showcases , which will also be promoted on the AAPEX website and mobile app.
    • Utilize AAPEX social media to promote your participation.
    • Tell us about any exciting activities you are planning at your booth, and we will help spread the word! Email

Important Details

Get ready to put your company’s best foot forward at AAPEX. Once your final details are buttoned up, you can concentrate on honing your most effective sales strategies.

  1. Finalize your booth design
  2. Drive traffic and increase brand awareness.
  3. Finish up shipping details and arrange shipping.
    • Review the shipping instructions and decide if you’ll need to arrange advance shipments, direct shipments, or a combination of both. Advance must arrive between Sept. 30–Oct. 16, and direct must arrive between Oct. 31–Nov. 4.

Spread the Word

Spread the news that you will be exhibiting at AAPEX 2019.

  1. Create buzz.
    • Don’t wait until you’re are at the event to start generating buzz – start thinking about a marketing campaign surrounding your company’s plan to exhibit at AAPEX 2019.
    • Promote anything unique you’ll be doing at the event. Will you be exhibiting a new product? You could create a teaser video to post on your social channels. Planning to do live demos? Include a schedule along with photos and benefits for attending.
    • Consider using different channels to promote your presence, including email, social media, mailers, and personal invitations to prospects and customers.
  2. Use social when planning your exhibit campaign. 
    • Include #AAPEX19 in social posts so that AAPEX followers can easily find you, and be sure to tag AAPEX in your posts about demos, contests and new products so that AAPEX has the chance to repost.
    • Create a content calendar to help with your social media execution. Figure out what you want to communicate and when it will make sense for you to communicate it. Everyone will be posting close to the show, so it’s a good idea to get in front of your audience early.
    • Monitor performance to see which posts perform well and which do not in order to make any modifications throughout the process.
  3. Put your booth number on everything.
    • As you’re working on your promotional materials, emails, and posts, remember to include your booth number everywhere so that your customers and prospects know exactly where to find you.

Defining Goals

Define your SMART Goals for exhibiting at AAPEX.

  1. Define your SMART Goals.
    • Specific: Using action words, state what you will do at AAPEX. I will increase sales as a result of exhibiting at AAPEX 2019.
    • Measurable: Define a metric that indicates success. I will drive $130,000 in sales.
    • Achievable: The metric can be challenging, but it should be realistic. This is a realistic goal based on a 3% increase from the revenue I brought in from previous shows.
    • Relevant: Your goal should support your overarching goals. This supports my overall goal of bringing in $1.5 million in revenue in 2019.
    • Time-bound: Indicate a time interval within which you will achieve your goal. I will include sales made during AAPEX and 4 weeks after.
  2. Start designing your booth to support your SMART goals.
    • Your booth design and flow will vary depending on your goals. For instance, if the goal is to drive awareness, consider an open floorplan with engaging content. If your goal is sales, be sure to include a meeting space with seats for clients.
  3. Determine an interactive element to drive traffic to your booth.
    • Interactive elements attract attendees to your booth and make your brand more memorable. Consider including product demos, celebrity appearances, and games.

Customer Communication

Consider these tips when communicating with current and prospective customers.

  1. Show what differentiates you from your competitors so your prospective customers have a compelling reason to meet with you.
  2. Customize your invitations to highlight the benefit to each customer. For example, some clients will be interested in a new product you’ll unveil at the event, while others will want to discuss increasing their order from your current inventory.
  3. Offer a venue and time most appropriate for your objectives with each client. Options include meeting at your booth, booking a private space, or scheduling a discussion over lunch or dinner.

Booth Planning

Be proud of the booth you create for AAPEX 2019.

  1. Start planning your booth design.
    • If this is your first time exhibiting, make sure to keep your brand top of mind. Check out the Exhibitor Guide to be aware of any specific requirements.
    • If this is your first time designing a booth, or you plan a major update, consider consulting a booth designer.
    • If you’ve exhibited in the past, figure out which components you plan to re-use, and which components need updating.
  2. Begin to design your marketing materials for your booth.
    • If you’re giving away any swag, start brainstorming ideas now! You’ll want the giveaways to be branded and include your contact information. These items will serve as a great reminder of your company after the show.
  3. It’s never too early to start thinking logistics.
    • As you are planning around your booth and marketing materials, remember to consider logistics of shipping, audio, videos and electrical. Service Providers will be at Exhibitor Booth Camp, so it’s the perfect place to get answers!