AAPEX Technology of Tomorrow: Give Buyers a Preview of the Future of Automotive Technology

Showcase your products that have yet to hit the market at AAPEX Technology of Tomorrow.  Buyers are interested to know where the automotive aftermarket is heading, and eager to know what’s next, so participating in this area is a perfect way to get the conversation started and allow your company and products to get additional exposure at the event. Demonstrate your innovative automotive technology through an interactive interface, such as virtual reality, simulators, live vehicles, or other means.

Located on the Upper Level 2 in The Venetian Ballroom, this section will receive increased marketing support including social media posts, special media invitations, news releases, media tours, an email campaign promotion to buyers, and more.

View the floor plan (10×10 booths 30033, 30035, 31032,  and 31034).

Click below for the Technology of Tomorrow Space Application.