Promotional Assets

Promote That Your Company Will Be Exhibiting at AAPEX 2022

Use as many of the below promotional assets as you like to promote that you’ll be at AAPEX 2023 and encourage your customers to attend as well. 

Include banner ads on your website or in your emails with a link to AAPEX’s ‘Why Attend’ page for attendees. Post social media graphics to your company’s social media account (the main AAPEX website is included on these graphics, as not all channels allow for links). And include one of three copy options as part of your email signature or in an e-newsletter. Better yet, consider sending the email invite to your customer list. 

Thank you for supporting AAPEX 2023. We’ll see you in Vegas!

Promotional assets include:

Banner Ads

AAPEX23 Exhibitor 320x50
AAPEX23 Exhibitor 300x250
AAPEX23 Exhibitor 728x90
AAPEX23 Exhibitor 160x600

Social Media Graphics 

AAPEX23 Exhibitor 1080x1080
AAPEX23 Exhibitor 1200x627

Messaging Copy

Utilize sample social media posts, an email invite and short copy blurbs for inclusion in email, website or anywhere you’d like to promote your involvement at AAPEX 2023.

AAPEX Messaging Copy.docx

Email Signature

AAPEX23 Exhibitor 600x200
Email Signature 600×200