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  • Driving Toward a Sustainable Future: Fostering Environmental Responsibility in the Automotive Aftermarket  

    The automotive aftermarket industry is experiencing a greater awareness of the nuances of sustainability as the world faces the growing need to address environmental challenges. Embracing and publicizing eco-friendly practices and reducing the ecological footprint has become an expanding focus for businesses within the industry. READ MORE  
  • Where Will The Winds of Change Take the Aftermarket in 2023?

    This year proved to be another one for the history books, both in a good and maybe not-so-good way, for the aftermarket. On one hand, soaring prices across our industry (and most of retail) put tremendous pressure on low-income consumers. On the other hand, dependency on the personal automobile remains stronger than ever, even though new cars are hard to come by and used car pricing is (well, was) literally off the charts. READ MORE