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  • Responsible Manufacturing: The Backbone of a Strong Circular Economy and Aftermarket Suppliers

    The automotive aftermarket is a great industry — one that has been around since the advent of the automobile. It’s safe to say that the first aftermarket part was likely installed on the first working automobile moments after the early end of its first test drive. That’s what our industry does. We supply the parts, technologies and services that help people keep their vehicles on the road, every day, after their vehicles are first made. READ MORE  
  • Today’s ESG Environment Presents a Wonderful Opportunity for All Who Make or Sell Remanufactured Parts

    By John Chalifoux, president & COO, MERA – The Association for Sustainable Manufacturing

    Much has happened in the automotive aftermarket since the start of the pandemic. First, we saw vehicle miles traveled — and sales — take a big hit. As we began to juggle disrupted supply chains and irregular… READ MORE  

  • Vehicle Electrification and the Aftermarket Impact

    By Brian Daugherty, chief technology officer, Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA)

    We are all aware of the media hype surrounding the future of electrified vehicle sales and that over $300B is being invested globally by vehicle OEMs on battery electric technology and vehicle launches over the next several years. However, last… READ MORE