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  • How Generative AI is Powering Innovation in Automotive Repair

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a tool like any other. It needs to be understood. It needs to be specific to the job at hand - specific to automotive in order to meet the challenges we’re facing. When leveraged correctly, it can help build trust between the shop and the consumer through transparent sharing of personalized, vehicle-specific, historical repair information. READ MORE  
  • Driving Toward a Sustainable Future: Fostering Environmental Responsibility in the Automotive Aftermarket  

    The automotive aftermarket industry is experiencing a greater awareness of the nuances of sustainability as the world faces the growing need to address environmental challenges. Embracing and publicizing eco-friendly practices and reducing the ecological footprint has become an expanding focus for businesses within the industry. READ MORE  
  • 2023: Insights, Goals and Looking Ahead

    What's going on in 2023 and how do you navigate the ups and downs of the service and repair aftermarket? In the short video below, the Aftermarket Radio Network team shares insights and advice on managing the challenges and embracing the opportunities facing the aftermarket in 2023. The speakers - all with many years of experience in the aftermarket - emphasize the need to focus on sales, cost of goods, margins, productivity, cash management, networking, hiring a coach and being optimistic. READ MORE  
  • Navigating Today’s Tech-infused Autos and Discovering the Super-mechanics Who Keep Them Running

    Just like the inner workings of our businesses, challenges that arise in the automotive aftermarket are seldomly singular – they all have a cause, an effect and contributing factors. Today’s topic is no different. As we collectively work towards addressing the technician gap or adapting to new vehicle technologies, we must realize that these challenges can’t be talked about in a vacuum – they’re related and can enable us to address both more effectively! READ MORE  
  • ADAS: The Aftermarket Technology Growth Opportunity Happening Now

    ADAS: The Aftermarket Technology Growth Opportunity Happening Now

    By Paul McCarthy, President & CEO, MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers

    Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is the revolution that is here now for the automotive aftermarket industry. ADAS is the catch-all phrase for vehicle automation technologies that help make driving cars easier,… READ MORE  

  • EV Adoption Increasing, Boosted by Policy

    Adoption of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in the United States has increased substantially the past several years – BEVs accounted for 6% of new vehicle registrations in 2022 and are forecast to reach 56% of vehicles sold in 2035 and 81% in 2045. READ MORE  

    Best. AAPEX. Ever. You are going to hear that a lot this week. And I know what you’re thinking: “They have to say that,” “They say that every year," “Why is this the best one?” But … bear with me for a minute. This IS going to be the Best. AAPEX. Ever. – and here’s why – 

  • The Road To AAPEX Episode 6

    The end of the road

    It all comes down to this. 

    “I didn’t want something easy. I wanted something that was going to be an ‘Are you going to make it?’ moment every time I get in the car.”

    That’s how Babcox Media’s Joe… READ MORE  

  • OK … But Why AAPEX?

    By now, you’ve likely seen at least one AAPEX mention in an email, blog, social media post, or digital ad while working, browsing the internet, or reading the news. You may have attended AAPEX in the past, may have attended SEMA, may have only heard from friends who have been to the show, or maybe you just aren’t sure how AAPEX impacts the aftermarket, your life, or your business. . . yet.  READ MORE  
  • Catch up on The Road to AAPEX

    The idea was simple. The journey was anything but….

    Babcox Media’s Joe Keene, an ASE-certified technician, wanted to find a fun junker–like a Cadillac Brougham with more than 180,000 miles on the odometer–fix it up and drive it 2,500 miles from Akron, Ohio, to Las Vegas for AAPEX,… READ MORE