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  • Employee Retention & Evolving With the Automotive Industry

    A Conversation With The ASOG Podcast’s David Roman & Lucas Underwood

    We reached out to the hosts of The Auto Shop Owners Group (ASOG) Podcast, David Roman and Lucas Underwood, to get their thoughts on challenges the automotive aftermarket industry is facing, recommendations they have for shop owners, and how… READ MORE  

  • How Did We Get Here?

    By Brian Plott, executive director, Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI)

    There is little need for me to reiterate the obvious that the industry is changing. It has been changing. It continues to change! Or maybe the better statement would be that it continues to evolve. We are all connected to this evolving industry, each… READ MORE  

  • From Ambition to Meaning: Finding Your Why in a World Filled with Who, What, When and Where

    By Bill Nalu, president, Interstate Auto Care, Madison Heights, Mich.

    The year was 1987- President Reagan spoke the words that were heard for generations to come: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” Dirty Dancing and Lethal Weapon were at the top of the box office chart, while WrestleMania 3 packed… READ MORE  

  • COVID Didn’t Win! Welcome Virtual AAPEX Experience 2020!

    By Brian Plott, executive director, Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI)

    I started this year with great anticipation, feeling that 2020 would be a year charged with evolutionary change in the industry and powerful growth in the automotive aftermarket. As if to confirm this feeling, our first quarter activities came out… READ MORE