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CTP is an innovative company focused on the development and sales of additives, vehicle care and service products for the automotive industry. The wide range of chemical products offers solutions for cleaning, service and maintenance of all parts of a vehicle.

As a member of the bluechemGROUP, CTP benefits from the success based on the development and patenting of consumption-oriented and environmentally friendly products of highest quality expanded by modern workshop, industry and service concepts marketed under the brands PRO-TEC, bluechem, Autoprofi and maxxpower premium. Innovative capacity, creativity, expertise and highly motivated employees are the foundation for the bluechemGROUP. It uses its experiences with international competition, its professional knowledge and know-how as a service for the GROUP's partners and customers. The close cooperation with partners in industry and science has always been the core of testing new technologies.

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 Press Releases

  • Leutenberg, June 28, 2018 - The Stifterverband, one of the largest private science promoters in Germany, awards the bluechemGROUP, the technology leader in vehicle chemistry, the seal "Innovative through Research" in 2018. The award is a special tribute to the constant commitment to research and development.

    As the technology leader in vehicle chemistry, the bluechemGROUP, the international group of companies headquartered in Leutenberg, has placed great emphasis on research and development since its early days. Werner Urban, President of the bluechemGROUP, says: "The principle ›Only those who research, can discover new things and create innovations!‹ Is always our top priority. That is why we are very proud that we have once again received the "Innovative through Research" seal in 2018!" The Stifterverband, one of the largest private science promoters in Germany, has awarded the bluechemGROUP this accolade and thus honored the consistent active research work of the vehicle chemistry expert. The association, a joint initiative of various companies and foundations that are involved in consulting, networking and promotion in the areas of education, science and innovation, regularly examines and evaluates the German research and innovation system. Of the 3.5 million companies in Germany, less than 1 percent are actively involved in research.

    Research and development from the in-house laboratory

    With the goal of developing new highly effective formulations and optimizing existing products, intensive research work takes place in the research & development department of the bluechemGROUP. For more than ten years, the head of the department has been the graduate chemist Jens Möller. Together with his team and various external partners, he continuously deals with various issues relating to lubricants and additives. "Research plays an important role for the bluechemGROUP. In order to always be informed about the current state of the art, the Research & Development department continuously monitors the automotive industry and in particular the field of vehicle chemistry. We collect relevant information from the current literature and exchange information regularly with universities and institutes. Together with sales and product management, innovative ideas will be developed then", says Jens Möller.

  • Leutenberg, June 06, 2018 – The bluechemGROUP's combustion chamber cleaning system Carbon X receives the Winner award in the category "Excellence in Business to Business – Chemical Industry" from the high-ranking expert jury of the German Innovation Award. The prize, which was awarded by the German Design Council, honors the many years of innovative strength, user focus and value-added orientation of the international group of companies.

    The bluechemGROUP receives an exceptional price for its innovative combustion chamber cleaning system Carbon X. The jury of the German Innovation Award 2018 awards the high-ranking Winner award in the category "Excellence in Business to Business – Chemical Industry" to the product that was presented last year. The great recognition, which is given by independent experts from industry, science, institutions and finance, honors the convincing innovation performance of the bluechemGROUP, which offers a relevant benefit, represents a decisive differentiation in the competition and significantly contributes to market success. "As a technology leader in vehicle chemistry with 30 years of experience, innovation strength, user-benefit orientation and cost-effectiveness have always been among our core values. Thanks to the German Innovation Award, our great achievements are now visible to a broad public!", explains Werner Urban, President of the bluechemGROUP.

    The German Innovation Award is set up by the German Design Council, founded by the German Bundestag and endowed by German industry. Since 1953, this foundation has been committed to the competitiveness of companies and holds various competitions for design, brand and innovation services of international standing. "Above all because of its high standards, its transparency and its independence – from the nomination to the awarding of prizes – the German Innovation Award provided the perfect opportunity to present the bluechemGROUP and its work across all industries," explains Urban. The evaluation criteria include for example. the user benefits, the functionality and operability, the economic efficiency, the longevity and quality as well as the sustainability.

    What is Carbon X?

    With the help of the cleaning system Carbon X, the entire combustion chamber of an engine can be lieberated of all operational deposits without the need for costly disassembly of the cylinder head. The unique chemical formulation is suitable for both diesel and petrol engines, and removes even the most stubborn and hard-to-reach deposits in depth. The innovative cleaning system Carbon X noticeably improves the smooth running of the engine and optimizes the combustion of the fuel.

  • Leutenberg, August 10, 2018 – At this year's AAPEX show, the bluechemGROUP, the technology leader in vehicle chemistry, presents numerous new developments. Highlights include specialty products for hybrid vehicles and the German Innovation Award-winning combustion chamber cleaning system Carbon X.

    On October 30, 2018, this year's AAPEX show opens its doors. For the bluechemGROUP as a technology leader in vehicle chemistry, this is, of course, an event not to be missed. "Here we have the optimal platform to present our in-house new developments to a broad public", explains Werner Urban, President of bluechemGROUP. The bluechemGROUP presents numerous innovations from its in-house laboratory this year, in addition to its well-known brands bluechem, Autoprofi, PRO-TEC and maxxpower.

    Fresh ideas for the automotive industry

    "Our highlight this year is by far our new special product line for hybrid vehicles", explains Urban. He continues: "With the ECOPOWER line, we have developed a 'guard patrol' that is specially fitted to the requirements of the only irregularly used combustion engines in hybrid vehicles. With the new products, we offer protection and care so that the performance of the internal combustion engine remains constant over the long term." Another highlight of the bluechemGROUP is the combustion chamber cleaning system Carbon X introduced in 2017. Werner Urban:" Although the product has been available on the market a little longer, we want to celebrate it this year because it received the German Innovation Award in 2018 – an award for the innovative strength of the entire bluechemGROUP!"

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