• Press Release-AAPEX Las Vegas, NV--(openPR - Oct 25, 2018) - Radiator Genie, the only air and water cleaning wand on the market that's specifically designed to clean radiators of all types and keep engine cooling systems at peak working condition, today announced the new Radiator Genie Industrial cleaning wand... Learn More

  • ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., September 11, 2018 – Trico Products Corporation, a global leader in OEM and aftermarket wiper blade technology,  has announced the introduction of three new part numbers to the TRICO Classic wiper blade line.  This lineis designed and engineered to fit classic car models ranging from... Learn More

  • Media Contact:                                                                                                 Jeff Dillow                                                                                        781.749.0077 ext. 14 jeff@hollywoodagency.com NEW MICHELIN WIPER BLADES AD CAMPAIGN BUILDS ON LEGACY OF SAFETY, EXCLUSIVE PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY DEERFIELD BEACH, FL – OCTOBER 24,... Learn More

  • New entity, to be called Adenna, brings greater choice and value to customers Sept. 28, 2018—Two respected names are coming together, as NuTrend Disposables announces its merger with Adenna. The merger is effective immediately; however, the coalescing of business practice and consolidation... Learn More

  • TSI Supercool’s Premium Synthetic PAG oil is now available with Performance Enhancer, specifically formulated for automotive A/C systems using R134a refrigerant.  Supercool Performance Enhancer increases A/C system efficiency by resolublizing oil solids that build up on inside of system after extended use. Removing buildup improves heat transfer and can reduce... Learn More

  • Supercool A/C Super Dye Products have been successfully tested, approved, and certified to meet SAE J2297 Standards. Supercool U/V Leak Detection Super Dye is a high performance, synthetic blend product that is SAE certified for R134a and HFO1234yf systems, safe for use in Hybrid & Electric vehicles, and compatible with... Learn More

  • Utilizing their new state-of-the-art refrigerant packaging line, TSI Supercool now packages their complete selection of R-134a products in house with the required self-sealing valve, including R-134a Plus 19oz with synthetic additive package which provides maximum cooling performance for R-134a automotive A/C systems. Supercool also offers HFO-1234yf, the next generation in... Learn More

  • ACUSTRIP Announces Launch of New Web Site In a continued effort to meet customers’ needs, ACUSTRIP Company, Inc. has released a new mobile friendly website with easy to navigate choices. The site has been optimized to provide an enhanced user experience regardless of whether the user’s device is a smart... Learn More

  • Factory Motor Parts – We Supply Your Success At Factory Motor Parts, We Supply Success to our customers, suppliers, and teammates. Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Eagan, MN, this multi-generational business, with its industry leading brands of FVP and SPLASH, are found at repair facilities, retailers,... Learn More

  • Barberton, Ohio  -    JohnDow Industries’ product line of steel gas caddies has been tested and approved to UL requirements for leakage, rupture, stability, abuse and endurance.  These units also meet OSHA approved standards and are safe for use with gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, kerosene and transmission fluids. With safety the number one priority, JohnDow... Learn More

  • Barberton, Ohio  -  JohnDow Industries has added a third product to its line of Tire Taxis.  Last Fall, the Tire Taxi™ (JDI-TT1) and the Tire Taxi EX™ (JDI-TT1-EX) were introduced as JDI’s latest innovative products for the automotive tire and service industry. They are specifically designed to make moving tires and wheels... Learn More

  • Ullman-Devices has re-tooled its brandmark and structure! Chicago, IL. (Sept. 20, 2018) – Ullman Devices has long been one of the Nation’s top specialty tool manufacturers supplying several industries with unique solutions that simplify often very complex situations in the repair process. They have been regularly heralded as... Learn More

  • table[name=blk_permission], table[name=blk_footer] {display:none;} /*********************************************** * DHTML Window Widget- © Dynamic Drive (www.dynamicdrive.com) * This notice must stay intact for legal use. * Visit www.dynamicdrive.com for full source code ***********************************************/ ... Learn More

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  • Submitted on: Sep 17, 2018, by KC's Imports (#9003)

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Coming Soon to Italy  Rome, Italy - November 12, 2012 - Increased consumer markets in the local auto car graphics import industry has  brought KC Imports to italy, according to the CFO KC Test. 12-year-ago, KC imports wouldn't have dreamed of entering... Learn More

  • Grupo GONHER is totally committed to the environment and has successfully introduced a culture of environment awareness across its plants, making periodic reviews and introducing different environment improvement practices. Such efforts avoid industrial risks and assure that the company operates with quality and responsibility.  Prior to 2013, LUBRAL was... Learn More

  • GONHER Filters are designed to offer maximum cleanliness and protection, eliminating abrasive pollutants from the lubricating, air admission and fuel injection systems of all kinds of engines. Our production plant operates with leading-edge technology. As a result, our products are recognized for their world-class quality and unbeatable performance. All GONHER filters meet or... Learn More

  • Since 1956, Grupo GONHER, through Lubricantes de América, has been manufacturing oils, greases, antifreezes, brake fluids and additives for all kinds of motor vehicles and machinery, including commercial vehicles and automobiles, as well as industrial, marine, and textile machinery. Main benefits of our different brands:... Learn More

  • Grupo GONHER was founded in 1953, in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León. It currently comprises a group of enterprises specialized in the auto parts industry. Our clients preference along the years has resulted in a successful companie during more than 65 years. During this period, we have advanced from being... Learn More

  • Over the last 35 years, Chiang Bin’s business has maintained a steady growth thanks to the trust our clients have placed in us. In 2018, Chiang Bin is setting several new milestones for its promising development in the future. The first is that... Learn More

  • http://acustrip.com/res/pdf/ACUPR_Packaging_180419.pdf In a continued effort to meet customers’ needs, ACUSTRIP Company, Inc. has expanded its aftermarket parts line to include new environmentally sustainable packaging. The new packaging provides enhanced product information such as instructions and color charts while reducing the use of plastics. Our ACUTEST CoolCheck ® Automotive... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jul 11, 2018, by Exotica Fresheners Co. (#835)

    EXOTICA is a leading brand around the world. we offer a wide range of products and large selection of fragrances. Air Fresheners for cars, homes, boats, etc.  Featuring the famous PALM TREE, EXOTICA POUCH, EXOTICA BOTTLE, SPRAYS, GELS, BOTTLES, ORGANIC, PROTECTANT, ODOR ELIMINATOR ADN MUCH MORE. ... Learn More

  • Your neighbors are searching for shops the can trust. Let's make it easier for them to find you.   RepairPal connects consumers with the best auto repair shops across the nation. We send these customers to RepairPal Certified Shops,... Learn More

  • Spokane, Washington  April 13th, 2018  -  Jeff Seehorn and Karen Jankowski of Seehorn Rally Team are pleased to announce Scrubblade Inc. of Temecula, California has extended there partnership for the 2018 American Rally Association season. In their first season together the two were able to greatly help each other in order to meet their goals.... Learn More

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