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We are most passionate about our commitment to high level of product quality, technical and sales training, and profit margin for our customers. Our company ethos is based on trust, reliability and our core skill that comes from understanding the category from design engineering up.

Coverage includes conventional frame blades, hybrid-beam blades, specialty rear blades and winter blades for automotive, commercial delivery vehicles, School and Transit buses, Class A, B and C RVs and Motor Coaches.  Packaging has a clean, modern and engaging appeal across all product series and collateral marketing materials.  Attractive retail display options are offered with free standing floor and wall racks and card board dump boxes. 
With sales network across US and Canada and the ability to provide direct import opportunity from India and China to high volume customers, we are well positioned to offer desired supply chain solution and great customer service. 
Quality, Coverage, Service and Value are the hallmarks of our business model. 

Brands: Hybrid Blades - Perfect upgrade from conventional frame. Matches plastic encasement original equipment appearance of blades used on growing number of vehicles., Conventional Wiper Blades - value with leading edge performance. More pressure points than most other products in the market., Intelli Curve - Styling of beam blades. Robust Winter weather performance. Most Relevant and updated coverage for newer car models. 11 SKU program with ninety eight percent automotive segment coverage. Frame design combines rigid center-section and flexible secondary hinges to maximize contact even with highly curved windshields. , Specialty Rear Blades - direct connect and universal fit (all adapters included as needed) options for vehicles that take integrated plastic or bean style blades on rear windshields. 
 Winter Blades - Extreme winter weather performance for conventional arms still widely in use on commercial trucks and school buses., Signature Series - Next generation all seaso


Introducing Signature Series - ClearPlus

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  • What separates ClearPlus from the Pack?

    It’s the Company’s ability to give best in the industry products at price points at which it participates which are usually the “sweet spots” in each segment of the category or highest volume price points.  ClearPlus coverage updates are timely, and support to customers in product training and marketing intel to help boost sales exceeds what national brands offer. Raj Chawla, Company’s President states “we do a lot of hand holding and take pride in our customers routinely telling us that we enable them to separate themselves from the pack. This in turn helps them retain healthy margins".

    So what are the hallmarks of ClearPlus values and business model?

    For the last 20 years, ClearPlus has consistently maintained its ethos of trust and reliability and has stayed focused on its core skills. This has enabled the Company to successfully launch great functioning products on universal platforms that help its customers maintain simplicity (no duplication in coverage); lower SKU count yet offer as good or better coverage than with competitor brands.  Customers see the difference in ease, safety and OE level profiles in our connection systems. All these elements allow creating better stocking dealer programs as everyone in the food chain is trying to carry lesser inventory yet not lose sales or waste inordinate amount of time trying to figure out adapters.  Easily accessible videos, integrated to arm types for each product series and to vehicle applications, are available.  Soon these will also be available on Mobil app.

    What are the featured products and attractions at AAPEX?

    Intelli curve, the Hybrid-Beam platform product is clearly the best seller. With 11 SKUs, a pre-installed adapter and one additional, universal adapter in the package, it provides coverage for 98% of passenger cars and light trucks on the roads. It’s also widely usable on Class C RVs and Class 8 trucks.

    ClearPlus has amongst the best rear windshield programs in the industry, including import vehicles, and with few SKUs. Top 4 part numbers provide 80% coverage, top 8 provide 94%. Compare this to 25+ SKUs required in most programs in the market.

    In the last year the company has really focused on developing a full range of HD vehicle segment coverage including high value products for Class A RVs, Motor Coaches, Transit buses and commercial delivery vehicles of all classes. At AAPEX 2018, complete range is on display. 

    Also highlighted are new display options – attractive free standing floor racks, pallet dump boxes and end cap options for tighter spaces. Packaging has a clean, modern and engaging appeal across all product series and collateral marketing materials.

    “We are truly excited to show these to our customers and prospects who are visiting AAPEX so they can appreciate first hand, the incredible value we bring to the table” says the company’s President.

    “Our packaging is tri-lingual (English/Spanish/French) so the program is ready to be rolled out in many other parts of the world. We seek partnerships with foreign buyers. With ability to provide factory direct programs from India and China, we are well positioned to offer any desired fulfilment and supply chain solution”.

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Raj Chawla John Kazanjian Juan Diaz
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Principal, North America.
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Raj Chawla, Principal North America.
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Asia, Canada, Eastern Europe/CIS, Europe, Mexico/South & Central America/Caribbean
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