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Founded in 1982, ISO 9001- approved Chiang Bin Enterprise Co. has grown into one of Taiwan's largest manufacturer of starter solenoid switches and parts for automobile engines.

Today, we supply over 1,500 kinds of solenoid switches for all brands of starters for diesel and gasoline engines used in cars, trucks, forklifts, tractors, heavy-duty machines, construction machinery, and marines in the global spare-parts market, making us one of the world’s most comprehensive supplier of its kind. In addition, we also supply a wide-range of relays for different types of machinery and equipment.

Chiang Bin’s high-quality products are well-recognized by clients worldwide, especially in the U.S., Japan and Europe. The rapidly expanding remanufacturing sector worldwide has been creating even stronger demand for Chiang Bin’s solenoid parts.

As a versatile and flexible mid-scale manufacturer, Chiang Bin can provide our clients with customized service as well as stable and large supply of our comprehensive products. We will keep on tackling new challenges and applying new technology in order to bring the best products and services to our clients around the world.


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  • With more than 35 years experiences, we have earned our clients’ trust and recognition all around the world.

    Chiang Bin aims to establish win-win partnerships with companies in various sectors. The services we provide include:

    -       Component Assembly

    -       Product Sourcing

    -       Quality-control Inspections

    -       Molding

    -       Engineering and QC Consultation

    -       Production Management

    -       Shipping Assistance

    In addition to our in-house technical expertise, Chiang Bin maintains close affiliations with several international auto parts organization, so we have the contacts and resources to accomplish practically any assignment.

    No matter your company is interested in acquiring components at reasonable costs, manufacturing products, improving quality of your products or purchasing tooling services, Chiang Bin are ready to help your company achieve any goal.

    Please contact us anytime if you would like to know more about our products and services. Thank you.

  • (Jul 24, 2018)

    Over the last 35 years, Chiang Bin’s business has maintained a steady growth thanks to the trust our clients have placed in us. In 2018, Chiang Bin is setting several new milestones for its promising development in the future.

    The first is that Chiang Bin is expected to soon sign a long-term agreement with a famous international Tier-1 parts vender to supply solenoid switches to European market on OES (original equipment service)-basis. Chiang Bin has maintained a great partnership with the Tier-1 parts vendor for many years, and Chiang Bin’s outstanding product quality and top-notched integration capabilities have finally led to the big-ticket order.

    To meet increasingly stronger demand from global clients, Chiang Bin has inaugurated a brand new factory in northern Taiwan. The modern and integrated factory features highly automated production lines, which can double or triple our current monthly manufacturing capacity (about 30,000 units) without maintaining a larger workforce.

    In 2018, Chiang Bin is scheduled to launch its corporate identification system (CIS) and obtain the latest IATF 16949 certification soon. These efforts indicate Chiang Bin, already a leader in the industry, is confident and well-prepared to take its business to the next level. We will keep on tackling new challenges and applying new technology in order to bring the best products and services to our clients around the world.


  • Solenoid switch & Relay
    Solenoid switch for Bosch system (CBS-B724) & for Mitsuba system (CBS-5122) , Relay for marine / hydraulic machinery & heavy duty vehicles....

  • ChiangBin has over 35 years experiences in manufacturing solenoid parts, so our product line including all for the Bosch system starters. Except for the basic Bosch system products, ChiangBin is also capable of developing new items. On the left side of small photo is our CBS-B724, which is recently developed. It has proved our R&D department’s proficiency in creating new products on the basis of engineering sample evaluation. On the right side is our CBS-5122 , which is for Mitsuba system.

    Our reliable products can also be used in marine machinery, hydraulic machinery and heavy duty vehicles. All the three relays in the big photo are water-resistant and we can change the contact material at your request. On the left side is our CB-C172, which is our signature product. We can manufacture it with copper or silver alloy to meet your requirements.The middle one is CB-E205 while the right side is CBS-F235.

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