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At, our focus is on providing OEM level scanners, technical support information, Laptops, and re-programming to the independent automotive repair shop. Servicing late model computerized vehicles is more of a challenge today than ever before for the aftermarket automotive service facility. Quite often the difference between being able to service a car line effectively and profitably depends on having access to 'Factory Level' tools and information. At we are committed to bringing the 'Best in Class' Tools, Information and Reprogramming to the general aftermarket. All our people are automotive specialists with ASE certification, typically L1 level. We understand the operation of all our products and can answer your questions on applying the tools we sell. All Tools listed on this site are available to the automotive aftermarket professional thru



  • GSCAN2

  • G-Scan2 diagnostic Tool is the second generation scan tool from GIT with many innovative features such as TFT 7” Color LCD with Touch Screen, CAN-Bus and the latest industrial standards built-in onboard, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth PC connectivity, Windows CE 6.0 for a ZERO BOOT UP, Triple CPU High Performance Structure and many other state of the art features. G-Scan 2 Functions 1. DTC read and erase. 2. J-2534 Reprogramming for Hyundai/Kia 3. Special Functions 4. Advanced Special Functions 5. EPS Recalibrations 6. Diesel Injector Coding and Writing 7. Key Coding 8. GM PIM-BCM-ECU Linking 9. DPF Regeneration 10. DPD, DFP, Pump Initialization 11. OEM KIA/Hyundai Support 12. Able to scan and scope at same time. 13. Read the scope to check to see if you have proper communications from and thru the ECM of the vehicle. 14. Advanced ADAS functions that are leading the industry 15. Pre-& Post Scan & Print capabilities for collision industry with Bluetooth printing capabilities. (Pending release 1st Qtr. 2018 - Bluetooth printing requires specific Citizens printer) Highlights of the G-SCAN2: 1. Simple menu selection No hassles for locating the metal tag to find the correct engine code. When testing Japanese cars simply select the diagnostic connector type before selecting the system to test. No model code, no engine code, no detailed menu selections are required. 2. System Auto Search No time-consuming DTC search by “trial and error” G-SCAN2 provides auto search function that tries to communicate with “ALL” systems in the car automatically. It reports back with the available system list and, the number of detected DTC’s of each system. 3.Hyundai Kia OEM S/W Package Complete OEM software package is included. Select Hyundai or Kia from the menu, then the OEM software is loaded. Enjoy the complete function and performance of OEM tool for Korea’s two leading brands. 4.Quick Boot Up: G-Scan2 is designed to meet the market demand for a “quick boot up” tool. Very high-end processors are part of the technology used for this outstanding feature, G-Scan2 system initiates in immediately after pressing the POWER button. Using Windows CE 6.0 allows other options that Android doesn't allow. The old products are much slower, and as fast as the present android based and faster than the other Windows based ones. Good sales people know how important point this is for the technicians who don’t want to waste time just for waiting for the scan tool to turn on. 5.Realtime PC Interface via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth G-Scan2 transforms to a premium PC based equipment Utilizing Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), G-SCAN2 provides high-speed data transfer to PC that enables reliable and fast real-time PC interface. Just like GDS, the Hyundai and Kia OEM tool, it provides greater user experience by switching to a PC based diagnostic workstation. 6. Flight Recording Diagnostic data can be recorded on the road test while the car is running in the real driving condition. And recorded data (Flight record) can be replayed both on G-Scan2 or the larger PC screen. 7. Touch Screen Display The intuitive color 7” LCD with touch screen - it provides a convenient and expected customer interface that is so easy and simple to use, and it eliminates a lot of your time and efforts spent in training of the customers. A stylus pen is built into every GScan2.. 8. Screen Capture with on screen Handwriting Memory Touch the “PEN” button in top-right, the current screen display is captured immediately, and you can put your own handwritten memos and drawings. The captured image and the memo is saved in the memory for your later retrieval or transfer to your PC. 9. Full Code Descriptions Thanks to screen control flexibility of Windows system and its 7” wide screen, the full description of DTC codes and Data parameter names are supported with G-Scan2. 10. Integrated Self-Test The most common field failures are found to be caused by a defective DLC cable/connector, or the problem could be on the vehicle side instead! Determining quickly if the problem is with the tool or the vehicle can be a great advantage when problem arise. G-SCAN2 provides Self-Test functions that help the customer determine whether the communication problem is caused by the base unit’s internal hardware / software reasons or by external factors. 11. Multiple Configurations available: There are 4 configurations available; Two with an integrated scope and two without the integrated scope. The lead packages come in two options; ‘Full’ and ‘Standard’. [Full w/Scope, Standard w/Scope, Full w/out Scope, Standard w/out Scope] The G-Scan2 Kit includes: G-Scan base unit, 16 GB SD Memory Card, Battery Pack, DLC Main Cable, SD Card Reader, Stylus Pen, Stylus String, LCD Cleaner Pad, Cable-Cigarette lighter, Cable-Battery, G-Scan User's Manual, G-Scan software applications (CD), AC/DC Adaptor, AC Power Cable, Hand Carry Strap, Carry Case. Win CE 6.0 operating system, 24V commercial vehicle support, Vehicle Adaptors include with a ‘Full’ package: Honda/Acura 3Pin, Mazda 17Pin, Mitsubishi 12Pin+16Pin, Nissan 14Pin, Subaru 9Pin, Toyota 17Pin(R), Toyota 17Pin+1Pin(square), Kia 20Pin-A Type Connector, Kia 20Pin-B Type Connector, SsangYong 14Pin, Hyundai Keyless Connector-(x2), Mercedes Benz 38Pin multiplexer, 20Pin, VW/Audi 2Pin (early style connector) also are included. A set of 4 Scope probes and leads are included if either a Standard or Full GScan2 is ordered with the scope option scope Software Updates; • 3 major software updates per year. (January, May, September release dates) • On the fly, in the bay updates available always if the tool is under a current subscription. • Gscan2 includes a 1-year subscription, once registered. All Warranty and non-Warranty repair service is done through CAS. All initial registrations are done through CAS. Registration is required for tool to operate. WWW.OEMTOOLS.COM - web site of the official MASTER DISTRIBUTOR for North America

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