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Category: Suspension

Exhibitor List Index

Trico Group 3038 Upgraded
ZF Aftermarket 5061 Upgraded FacebookTwitter
ACE International 730
ADD Industry (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. 9638
AJ International Corp. 29003
Al Forge Tech Co., Ltd. 8306
AL-KO 1576
Allied Autotech Int'l Pvt. Ltd. 7329
Alltech Automotive LLC 235
Anand Motor Products (Duramount) 6537 LinkedInFacebook
Anchor Industries 4032
Anhui Tianyu Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 10258
Anhui Weiwei Rubber Parts Co., Ltd. 10821 LinkedIn
A-One Parts Co., Ltd. 7942
APA Abastecedora de Productos Automotrices 7432 LinkedInFacebook
APM Auto Parts Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd 5746
Arnott Inc. 4468
Atlantic Import & Export Corp. 39005 Upgraded
AUF-Derbin International Corp. 8006 Facebook
Aupart Suspension Co., Ltd. 8103
Auto 7, Inc. 6320
Automann USA, Inc. 6106 Upgraded
Autopart International 7446
Beijing Topvalue Global Co., Ltd. 9804 LinkedIn
Bilstein Shock Absorbers 2079 Upgraded
Broscone Shocks Supply Inc. 36033
BST Auto Pvt. Ltd. 30037
Buffalo USA 2479
CARDONE/Rotomaster 3826 Upgraded
Carico Enterprise Co., Ltd. 8661
Centric Parts 4011 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Changzhou Longxiang Gas Spring Co., Ltd. 9825
Chengdu Ningxing Mechanical and Electronic Parts Co., Ltd. 9914
Chongqing XQK Enterprise Co., Ltd. 9716
Chung Ho Cheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. 7500
Classic Exports 5169
CME Auto Co., Ltd. 9728
CMX North America 37004
Concord Spare Parts LLC 2583 FacebookTwitter
Crown Automotive Sales Co., Inc. 5706
Daeheung R&T 7923
Delphi Technologies 5027 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Delux Bearings Pvt. Ltd. 39031 Upgraded
Demax Enterprise Co., Ltd. 8129
Deqing Longhu Imp. & Exp. Trade Co., Ltd. 10259
Dongyang P&C 7524
Dorman Products, Inc. 2820 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
DPIA S.A.S. 8540
Drew C&C Co., Ltd. 7716
Elgin Industries 4416 Upgraded
Elite International 9743
EMG International 8244
Eurostar Industries Inc. 4657 FacebookTwitter
Ever Shining (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 9810 LinkedIn
Evergreen Exports 4833
Fashion Auto Parts Enterprise Co., Ltd. 8201 LinkedInFacebook
FCS Automotive International Inc. 5640
Federal-Mogul Motorparts 3217
Five Star Autopart Co., Ltd. 7513 LinkedIn
Flying USA Auto Parts, Inc. 781
Foreign Parts Distributors, Inc. 3871 Twitter
Global Automotive Components Pvt. Ltd. 7737
Global Jujie International Trade (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 9104
Global Net Automotive Co., Ltd. 8125
GMB North America, Inc. 2061 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Goldflex Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd. 7736
Group < a > 5930 LinkedIn
Grupo Vannucci 6140 FacebookTwitter
GSP North America 7202
GTO-Automotive (Coordinadora de Fomento al Comercio Exterior del Estado de Guanajuato - COFOCE) 39033
Guangzhou Yitao Qianchao Vibration Technology Co., Ltd. 36022
Guilin Pengyuan Trading Co., Ltd. 9300 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Hangzhou Huajida Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 8715
Hangzhou Wanray Industry Co., Ltd. 8752
Henan Broad Top Metalwork Co., Ltd. 9312
High Link Autoparts Co., Ltd. 8025 Facebook
Highline Aftermarket 2845 FacebookTwitter
Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc. 5072
Hopelink International Inc. 11135
Hotspot Auto Parts 846
Hwang Yu Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. 8219
Hytec Automotive Group 5445
Imperial Cable Industry Co., Ltd. 7417
Indaco 8542
Intercomp 1174 Upgraded
International Marketing Services, Inc. 4445
International Rubber Factory Ltd., Part 7415
Japji Enterprises 7229
Jason Co., Ltd. 5730
Jetta Media Co., Ltd. 7705, 8022
Jiangsu Huatong Shock Absorber Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 8419
Jiangsu Mingrui Gas Spring Technology Co., Ltd. 8801
Jiangxi Jiyu Industrial Co., Ltd. 9211
Jiangxi Rongchang Auto Leaf Spring Co., Ltd. 9261
Jiaxing Yuexin Machinery Co., Ltd. 11049
Jingjiang Bohui Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. 10661
Jingzhou Ching Yang Machinery Co., Ltd. 9504 LinkedIn
Jingzhou Jingfu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 10032
Jinzhou Wonder Auto Group Limited 9846
K Parts Industria E Comercio de Pecas Ltda. 6140
K-International Inc. 7616
Kobe Suspensions 7632
Kotek America Inc. 2673
Kuani Gear Co., Ltd. 858
KYB Americas Corporation 4626
Leacree (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. 6316
Lesjofors Springs America, Inc. 3281
Ligum Ltd. 31002
Linyi Tianyi Electric Co., Ltd. 8833
Main Horn Industrial Co., Ltd.- DO NOT ASSIGN 7606 FacebookTwitter
Man Wo Si Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. 9861
MAS Industries 6416
Masu International Products 2357
MAT Holdings, Inc. 4250 FacebookTwitter
Matelplus Inc., Ltd. 8319 LinkedIn
Mega Automotive 5630
Megacell International Co., Ltd. 7309 Facebook
Mevotech LP 2850 Facebook
Midwest Truck & Auto Parts, Inc. 2646
Mission Trading Company, Inc. 3368 Upgraded
N.O.K. Industry Co., Ltd. 7511
Nakamoto Industrial Co. 7642
Nanjing Konghui Automotive Co., Ltd. 11060
Navcar S.A.S. 5841 Facebook
NEO CTR Co., Ltd. 2075
Ningbo ETDZ Victor Enterprise International Co., Ltd. 9038
Ningbo Ezra Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 10123
Ningbo Fanhao International Trade Co., Ltd. 10815
Ningbo Honor Import & Export Co., Ltd. 8522
Ningbo Jiangdong Shine Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. 8412
Ningbo Kasico Shock Absorber Manufacture Co., Ltd. (Roadpower) 9842
Ningbo Motor Industrial Co., Ltd. 9533, 10620
Ningbo Sanhe Import & Export Co., Ltd. 9761
Ningbo Skyway Light Industry & Trading Co., Ltd. 9057
Ningbo Wuhuan Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. 8528
Ninghai Jinling Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd. 10146
Nippon Suspension Parts Inc. 776 Facebook
North America Auto Parts 41028
North American Suspension Inc. 36008
OE Global Parts, Inc. 7946
Ohdae Metal Co., Ltd. 7823
Omix-Ada, Inc. 7534 Facebook
OSC Automotive Products 5611
Ossca Auto Parts Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. 8928
O-Tech (Shanghai) Inc. 4681
Parts Road Company 7624
Parts-Mall 8038
Piston Gas Springs 32008
Polcar P.P.H. 42035
Power Train Components, Inc. 4154
Powermaster Suspension Corp. 2875
Probe Industrial Co., Ltd. 7838
Profender Co., Ltd. 7517 LinkedInFacebook
Promax Auto Parts Depot Ltd. 5444
Qingdao ATC Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 8615
Qingdao EAA Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd. 8646
Qingdao Senho Vibration Control Technology Co., Ltd. 9266
Quda Auto Parts 8238
Rodatech Automotive, LLC 5436
Rox International Corp. 5842
Rung Cherng Suspenparts Co., Ltd. 7306
S&S Truck Parts, LLC 3679
Seimitsu Springs Mfg. Co., Ltd. 9959
SENSEN Shocks & Struts by DMA Sales, LLC 37023
Shana Industria 6140 Facebook
Shenyang Tiancheng Huizhong Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. 10446
Shenyang Xinjin Auto Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 9948
Shih Hsiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 3881
Shijiazhuang Aotong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 10423
Shou IE Industrial Group 6225
Sichuan Huayu Vehicle Leaf Spring Co., Ltd. 8902 LinkedIn
Sigma Global Inc. 2067 Upgraded
Sino-Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd. 782
Soportes Star 7428
Stork Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd. 7232
Sunny Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 8430
Taiwan Golden Quality Motor Technology Co., Ltd. 7704
Taizhou Aoxingna Machinery Co., Ltd. 9242
Taizhou Jujiu Auto Shock System Co., Ltd. 9159
Taizhou Terrill Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 7225
Taizhou Wonderful Machinery Co., Ltd. 5452
Taizhou Yongzheng Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. 9904
Taizhou Aotelong Machinery Co., Ltd. 9905
Tech Well Industrial Co., Ltd. 7820
Tecnomotor Electronica do Brasil Ltda. 6140 Facebook
Tenacity Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 8414
Tenneco, Inc. 1625
Tianjin Jingangcheng Industry Co., Ltd. 9961
T-Max (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. 10203
Torque Parts LLC 34007
Transbec 5752
Trico Group 3038 Upgraded
Tuff Support/Suspensia 7044
TVA Automotive, Inc. 3783
Unity Automotive 5336
UParts Group 233 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Usdar (Xiamen) Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. 10025
Wenzhou Hengli Spring Manufacture Co., Ltd. 9840
Wenzhou Huaqiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 8831
Westar Distribution 2858
Xiamen Tinmy Industrial Co., Ltd. 9860
Yang Light Engineering Company 8020 LinkedIn
Yashka Stampings 7101
YBS Co., Ltd. 7725 LinkedIn
Yueqing QYT Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 7325
Yuhuan Diao Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. 8749
Yuhuan Dideli Steering Parts Co., Ltd. 10135
Yuhuan Jiuren Machinery Co., Ltd. 10019
Yuhuan Mrlun Machinery Co., Ltd. 7221
Yuhuan Ruili Machinery Co., Ltd. 10646
ZF Aftermarket 5061 Upgraded FacebookTwitter
Zhejiang Deming Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. 10153
Zhejiang Roadtamer Auto Parts Incorporated 10151
Zhejiang Shuangxiang Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 9950
Zhejiang Sigma Automotive Suspension Co., Ltd. 36023
Zhejiang Teenray Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. 10038
Zhejiang Xiaoshan Goaling Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. 9762
Zhejiang Zhongxing Shock Absorber Mfg. Co., Ltd. 9963