Attendee FAQs

Attending AAPEX is easy. After checking the registration requirements, complete our online registration - NOW OPEN. Once registered, don’t forget to book your room at the lowest rates in Las Vegas.

AAPEX brings together thousands of professionals and industry leaders and over 2,200 innovative exhibitors from around the globe. Representing the $740 billion global motor vehicle aftermarket, AAPEX helps you stay at the forefront of the industry with unparalleled opportunities to learn and connect.

  • Education that’s relevant to you. Industry experts worked with retailers, WDs, repair and service and suppliers to create educational programs that meet the needs of the AAPEX attendees. Learn about key issues impacting today’s automotive aftermarket from some of the brightest minds in the industry.
  • Cutting-edge vendors. Find out what’s next in the industry and make valuable connections with vendors as you explore innovative offerings from domestic and international suppliers.
  • Networking. The benefits of connecting in person are hard to quantify — and hard to overstate. Sharing, engaging, and learning from peers in a three-dimensional, face-to-face environment gives your company an unmatched advantage.

AAPEX 2017 is conveniently located at the Sands Expo at 201 Sands Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169. In addition to being within walking distance from most of the popular hotels, there are multiple transportation options to get to and from AAPEX.

The Exhibit Hall is open to registered attendees Tuesday, October 31 through Thursday, November 2, 2017. Exhibit hours are from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

AAPEXedu sessions are open to registered attendees and exhibitors and will take place during expo hours at the Venetian, Marco Polo Rooms 701-707.

Registration includes an attendee badge that provides Exhibit Hall floor access to both AAPEX and the SEMA show, and to AAPEXedu sessions. No refunds will be provided.

Category Fee
Attendee Registration Online (through October 13) $40.00
Attendee Registration by Fax or Mail (through October 13) $65.00
Attendee Registration Onsite (Starting October 14)
Note: Online registration will still be available, but the show badges will have to be picked up onsite
Attendee Registration by Fax or Mail (Starting October 14)
Note: Online registration will still be available, but the show badges will have to be picked up onsite
Non-Exhibiting Manufacturers/Supplies/Importers/Exporters $200.00

Only business representatives of the automotive aftermarket industry are permitted to attend AAPEX. All registrants are subject to review and approval by AAPEX Management. Once approved, confirmation will be sent to registrants via email regarding the status of their badges.

Who is not permitted to attend AAPEX?

The following may not attend AAPEX:

  • Consumers
  • Any non-automotive affiliated company
  • Attorneys
  • Freight providers
  • Travel agencies
  • Non-automotive graphics companies
  • Exhibition industry affiliates
  • Independent Insurance agents
  • Modeling agencies
  • Printers/Packaging

First time registrants may be asked to provide proof of their affiliation in the automotive trade. Any two of the following forms of business identification indicating current employment at an automotive-related company are acceptable:

  • Tax registration certificate or business registration
  • Business license
  • Two (2) recent paycheck stubs to verify employment
  • Copy of Yellow Pages listing
  • Copy of advertisement
  • Business card (must include job title, and company name and address must correspond with the information on the registration form)
  • Business photo ID (must include name, photo and company name)

All registrants are subject to review and approval by AAPEX Management. Principal business category will be determined by AAPEX Management utilizing your company website. Once approved, confirmation will be sent to the registrant via e-mail regarding the status of their badges.

Please review Section 5 of Exhibitor Regulations for exhibiting criteria. If you meet the exhibitor requirements or have exhibited in the past but are not exhibiting, then you would be considered a Non-Exhibiting Manufacturer.

In the interest of maintaining a professional atmosphere, attendees must wear appropriate apparel at all times. Business or semi-business attire is suggested, and all logos and sayings on apparel must be in good taste. AAPEX Management has the right to make determinations on appropriate apparel.

If an exhibitor has signage or has made it clear to attendees that they are not allowed to take photos in their booth or of their products then Event Management has the right to confiscate film or other media from any type of camera from users.

Press/Media must obtain a permit at the Event Management Office, photographs must be authorized by the exhibitor, and will not be affected by the no photography signs. Event Management is authorized to record and use audio/visual materials and photographs taken at AAPEX.

No. Children under 16 years of age are not permitted in the Exhibit areas.