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Mumbai, Maharashtra, 
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Delux bearings is a leading innovator and bearing manufacturer and has been a partner to the Indian and global automotive and Industrial industry over 50 years. With over 800 unique products and an ever expanding portfolio, we offer niche solutions for all types of bearing and precision part applications.

We are one of the largest manufacturer of Clutch release for Cars, Trucks and Tractors, Niche ball and roller bearings and precision components in India with leading technology and quality certificates (ISO/TS 16949).

Our product range includes - Clutch Release Bearings, Tensioners, Ball Bearings, Roller Bearings, Spherical Roller Bearings, Bearing Races, Kingpin & Kingpin with Kit, Metal Suspension Components, Bogie Bearings, Mast (Forklift) Bearings.

Our products are exported to Germany, Italy, Mexico, USA, Brazil, U.K., Korea.

Our OEM customers - Daimler India, MAN India, Tata, Leyland, Mahindra & Mahindra, Eicher Volvo

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  • Clutch Release Bearings
    Clutch Release Bearings for Cars, Trucks & Tractors....

  • Clutch Release Bearings

    We understand how important it is to ensure smooth and effortless transportation today. So we decided to create a product that helps the end user feel comfortable when they take their vehicle out for a long journey.

    Delux Bearings is the Indian leader in massive and sheet metal Push and Pull Type Clutch Release Bearings for all types of commercial, agricultural, construction and passenger vehicle applications. Our self centering and light weight clutch bearings are geared for aggressive, harsh and unruly conditions. These products are hyper engineered to withstand scorching temperatures, fumes of dust and frequent user activation. Our series of clutch bearings has taken these challenges head on and proven themselves time and again, in the lab and on the field. Over the years, through meticulous analysis, design and postmortem examination, Delux Bearings has been able to provide solutions that double the life cycle of clutch bearings.

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