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For more than 25 years and counting, Bartec remains a global company that manufacturers solutions to aid in better vehicle diagnostics and repair. Long known as the GLOBAL leader in Tire Pressure Monitoring System [TPMS] tools, we are now actively expanding our range of products. Leveraging our superior reputation for quality, reliability, distribution and customer support, Bartec is intent on bringing new and innovative solutions to the automotive aftermarket. Let Bartec show you how a partnership with us will be one of your better business decisions. Our growing range of products, our level of experience and expertise combined with the industry's finest technical support, will help you to quickly see why working with Bartec is the right choice! Find more information at

Brands: TPMS Pro Series, Tech400Pro, Quick Service Tools, Revive Engine Cleaner


Bartec Tech Support
Revive Turbo Cleaner
Tech400Pro Completing a Placard Change

 Show Specials

  • Make sure you visit one of our booths during industry week and enter to win a great prize pack. This year Bartec is giving away THREE TPG200 Tread Depth Tools. Included with the TPG200 is a Samsung 8" Tablet, already loaded with the BARTEC TOOL PAD SOFTWARE. Three lucky winners will be able to take this combo set back to their shop and start inspecting tread depth and tire pressure, and then sending the data via wireless Bluetooth to a color inspection report! Visit our exhibits often and enter!

    The drawings will be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Industry Week!

  • Purchase the award winning QST300 tool during AAPEX week or through the end of the year and receive a free add-on application.  The QST300 already inlcudes Battery Management, Oil Service Light Reset and Electronic Parking Brake Service.  For a limited time, get the Code Reading Application FREE OF CHARGE!  This is a $160 vlaue and is yours free during this promotional period.
  • (Oct 17, 2017)

    Currently when you purchase a Bartec Tech400Pro tool and you trade up from your current tool, you receive and additional THREE years of tool software [for a total of FIVE], a free roll of  placard labels, and a $100 Gift Card!

    For the AAPEX show and the rest of the year, Bartec is sweetening the offer.  Trade up to the Tech400Pro between 10/31/17 and 12/13/17 and Bartec will double the gift card value to $200!!  The total promotional package value is now over $1200!

 Press Releases

  • Sterling Heights, MI [August 2017] – The Bartec USA family wishes to extend our thoughts and prayers to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent devastation it caused.  Bartec USA would like to help our business partners that have had their lives [and businesses] turned upside down by the heartbreaking events in Texas and Louisiana. Therefore, Bartec USA is announcing a TPMS loaner tool program for their affected customers.

    As the cleanup efforts get underway, Bartec recognizes that it may take some time to assess the damage and replace affected equipment and inventory.  To help the restoration process along, any current Bartec tool users that have a damaged or lost TPMS tool can get free use of a loaner TPMS tool.  Simply contact the Bartec customer service department at [855]684-8767. For identification purposes, please have your current tool serial number and account name ready. The Bartec Customer Service Associate will start the RMA process for the repair of any damaged units.  If your current TPMS Tool is lost, beyond repair, or destroyed, simply request a free loaner tool to use while sorting out the way forward. Bartec will ship the loaner tools to our customer partners at no charge to them. You may also contact your Bartec tool distributor as many of them will have loaner tools already in their warehouses.

    Bartec USA realizes that as our customers sort out the things in their personal lives as well in their businesses, a piece of equipment is the last thing on their minds.  According to Scot Holloway, Bartec CEO, “Our aim is to help in some way, and for our customers to have one less thing to worry about. Each and every member of the Bartec USA team is praying for the safety of those affected, and is hopeful for a quick recovery.”


    Bartec is a leading supplier of TPMS technology and solutions to better aid automotive service professionals worldwide.  Visit our website at or call our sales office toll free at (855)877-9732 for additional information.

  • Sterling Heights, MI [September 2017] – Bartec USA, the North American leader in TPMS Diagnostic tools and solutions, announces the release of their latest TPMS tool software update.  Release 56.2 is now available for your respective Bartec TPMS Tool.  Make sure you are a current subscriber at  This newest version of software is packed with features and coverages that only Bartec TPMS Tools can offer. The available features depend on which Bartec tool you have and are clearly defined in the software release bulletins found by clicking the Tech Support icon found in Bartec’s TPMS Desktop.

    Once again, Bartec adds placard coverage for the Tech400 Pro. According to Director of Sales. Steve Long. “Bartec is the market leader in providing robust TPMS solutions like Placard Management,” Long continued.  “Our approach to adjusting the placard is unique and secure, which means, more sales, happier consumer and fewer legal issues!”  Bartec understands the level of security and safety required when connecting to vehicle control modules, and as a result they build in rock solid processes that help technicians be successful while keeping their customers safe and protected.

    Release 56.2 contains these other awesome updates and features for the range of Bartec TPMS Tools, many of which are exclusive to Bartec tools!  Bartec TPMS tools offer more OBD Relearn Coverage than any other commercially available solution. In this update alone, we’ve added SEVEN OBD relearns that are NOT covered by competitive offerings!  This means with a Bartec tool, repairs are faster and more accurate, again translating into more satisfied customers.  The Tech400Pro is the only tool that updates via a Wi-Fi connection, so make sure your tool is set up and ready to receive this latest update!

    As usual, Bartec will post updated coverage charts on their website, specifically at  Bartec’s TPMS coverage for OBD relearns, sensors covered and placard adjusting are second to none. 

    Bartec is a leading supplier of TPMS technology and solutions to better aid automotive service professionals worldwide.  Visit our website at or call our sales office toll free at (855)877-9732 for additional information.

  • Sterling Heights, MI [September 2017] – Bartec USA, the North American leader in TPMS Diagnostic tools and solutions, announces their latest update to the TPMS Desktop, version 4.0!  Desktop 4.0 includes the brand new feature REMOTE TOOL SETUP.  Using the newly released Tech200Pro Tire inspection tool, the front counterperson can remotely preconfigure the Tech200Pro tool with the proper MAKE, MODEL and YEAR settings as the customer’s information is entered. This saves the extra step of having to set up the tool and makes the vehicle inspection process more efficient and accurate.

    TPMS Desktop 4.0 also features a brand new, consumer friendly audit report. According to Bartec Product Manager Michael Rose, “This new report will make communicating tire and TPMS information to your customers more effective, help keep their vehicles operating safely and even help sell more tires!” Bartec’s newly developed audit report features all the critical information a consumer needs in order to make a proper decision.  The counter person can easily walk through remaining tread life, tread wear, tire pressure and the state of their TPMS Sensors, all in a single document!

     TPMS Desktop 4.0 also allows the linking of service reports. In a typical scenario, the Tech200Pro is the front shop inspection tool designed to gather the information from a parking lot inspection.  In the back shop there is a Tech400Pro for completing tasks like DTC reading, sensor programming, placard adjustment and system relearns.  The information from these two devices can now be seamlessly linked together into a single customer report using the Desktop 4.0.

    Bartec suggests that you visit their booths at the SEMA [40186] and AAPEX [1054] shows, where they will be conducting live demonstrations of the Desktop 4.0 as well as a new cloud based management system, all designed to make your shops more efficient!  In the meantime, download Desktop 4.0 at or simply launch the application and update!


    Bartec is a leading supplier of TPMS Tools and Automotive Aftermarket Solutions to better aid automotive service professionals worldwide.  Visit our website at or call our sales office toll free at (855)877-9732 for additional information.

  • Sterling Heights, MI [September 2017] – Bartec USA, the North American leader in TPMS Diagnostic tools and solutions, announces that their latest innovation, the Tech200Pro has won TWO very prestigious awards.  First, the Tech200Pro was recognized by Professional Tool and Equipment as one of this year’s Innovative Tools and second, the Tech200Pro was named a TOP 10 Tool by Undercar Digest.  Only the finest tools are selected for these distinguished awards; tools that are capable of helping technicians become more efficient are selected, and a Bartec tools has once again been recognized as such by the industry!

    According to Bartec Product Manager Michael Rose, “The Tech200Pro is the latest innovation from Bartec. The Tech200Pro will revolutionize the retail tire business!  This “all-in-one” stand along tire inspection tool will help front counter associates better communicate the precise condition of their customer’s tires.”  According to Bartec the Tech200Pro is the first tool of its kind, featuring tread depth measuring, tire pressure measuring and TPMS Sensor testing, in a single, easy to operate tool.  The simple tool layout makes collecting this information seamless, and the wireless Bluetooth allows the data to be sent to a tablet, PC or workstation.  Using the Tech200Pro a front counterperson will be able to present this kind of clear and concise information to consumers. The Tech200Pro communicates with Bartec’s TPMS Desktop or can be configured to work with existing P.O.S. systems.

    Bartec suggests that you visit their booths at the SEMA [40186] and AAPEX [1054] shows, where they will be conducting live demonstrations of the Tech200Pro.  Bartec will also be conducting a TPMS Service Training class as part of AAPEX’s Mobility Park [check the AAPEX website for the schedule] which will include the Tech200Pro.


    Bartec is a leading supplier of TPMS Tools and Automotive Aftermarket Solutions to better aid automotive service professionals worldwide.  Visit our website at or call our sales office toll free at (855)877-9732 for additional information.

  • Sterling Heights, MI [September 2017] – Bartec USA, the North American leader in TPMS Diagnostic tools and solutions, will once again be exhibiting at AAPEX, their 10th year!  Also, this year Bartec will also be playing a large role in teaching, training and discussing new technology.  As a presenter in this year’s Mobility Park, Bartec will be conducting three classes on TPMS Hands On as well as two classes on Electronic Parking Brake Service.  As part of the AVI Conference, Bartec will also be presenting on Battery Management Technology.

    The tentative schedule is as follows, but check the AAPEX website for exact details and times. In all, Bartec will be involved with eight events to help attendees get the very most from the time at Industry Week! According to Bartec CEO Scot Holloway, “Bartec has always been a believer in training first, our entire staff from sales to support are trainers for our customers!”





    Tuesday, 10/31/2017

    Mobility Park

    TPMS Hands on


    Tuesday, 10/31/2017

    Mobility Park

    Electronic Parking Brake Service

    11:15AM – 12:00PM

    Tuesday, 10/31/2017

    Let’s Tech

    Interactive Inspections – Sell More Service

    11:00AM – 11:20PM

    Wednesday, 11/1/2017

    Mobility Park

    TPMS Hands on


    Thursday, 11/2/2017

    Mobility Park

    Electronic Parking Brake Service


    Thursday, 11/2/2017

    Let’s Tech

    Interactive Inspections – Sell More Service

    1:00PM – 1:20PM

    Thursday, 11/2/2017

    Mobility Park

    TPMS Hands on

    3:15PM – 4:00PM

    Friday, 11/3/2017

    AVI Conference

    Battery Management

    12:30PM – 3:30PM


  • Revive Big T Kit
    Revive Engine Cleaner for larger displacement engines [5 liters and larger]...

  • The Revolutionary Engine Cleaner, for Trucks and Large Displacement Engines!

    Today’s engines present new kinds of service and maintenance challenges.  Technology like Turbo Diesel or Gas Direct Injection [GDI] make engines more efficient, but cause carbon and soot build up.  Revive removes the carbon and soot build up from these engines!

    Revive is non-combustible, non-flammable, safe for the environment and safe for the engine! This aqueous solution, when applied at velocity, through the intake and combustion process of the engine, attaches itself to carbon and soot, breaking it done into small particles to be exhausted out.  Revise’s unique formula means it can survive the combustion process cleaning more surfaces “deeper” into the engine.  Revive will remove carbon from GDI engines as well! Revive is safe to store, safe to use, and safe for the engine.  When you properly use Revive, there is no re-detonation [engine knocking] or flame up!

  • QST250
    The First Ultrasonic Sensor Tester!...

  • Bartec's Ultrasonic Parking Sensor Tester

    This Quick Service Tool [QST] from Bartec makes it possible to detect faulty Parking Sensors found on most cars today!  The QST250 is an easy to use tester, that can detect, measure and monitor the output of Ultrasonic Sensors.  The remote lead allows the technician to test a sensor right from the driver's seat!

    The QST250 is the first tool of its kind, and a perfect solution for the collision shop as well as general automotive repair.  The QST250, like all Bartec Quick Service Tools, is easy to setup and use.  Technicians and insurance adjusters can use this great new tool!

  • Tech200Pro
    The very first tool of its kind, the Tech200Pro can measure tread depth, tire pressure and test the TPMS sensors! All of this critical safety information is then assembled into one neat, easy to read customer report,...

  • Help your customers better understand the condition of their tires and sensor, and sell more tires in the process, use the Tech200Pro!

    Part of the Pro Series range of tools, the Tech200Pro was designed for the automotive service professional. The Tech200Pro has all of the rock-solid TPMS testing capabilities you’ve come to expect from a Bartec tool, combined with state-of the-art tread depth measurement, and the ability to take “stick pressure” as well. All of this data is displayed on a high-resolution color display and can be transmitted via wireless Bluetooth. This premier test before you touch inspection tool will help you provide better customer service, keep consumer vehicles safer, and ultimately sell more tires and sensors.


    The Tech200Pro measures Tread Depth in three places. Not only does this provide a better picture of the remaining tread, but it also points to wear pattern and the potential for other issues and problems such as alignment and component wear.


    The Tech200pro is a Bartec TPMS Tool, so you can accurately and quickly determine the condition of the TPMS Sensor as well check tire pressure and temperature.


    The Tech200pro also measures tire pressure, rounding out the necessary information in order for a customer to make a solid decision regarding their wheels and tires.


    Finally, once the data is gathered, the Tech200Pro sends the information via wireless Bluetooth to your PC, Tablet or POS device.  The enhanced Bartec Audit Report makes understanding the precise condition of the tire, tread, wear, and TPMS easy and fast.

  • QST300
    Bartec's first Quick Service Tool combines Brake, Oil and Battery Service!...

  • New Tool that combines in demand services!

    It’s becoming more common that when doing basic service jobs like replacing a vehicle’s battery, or replacing brake pads or even changing the oil, that  a scan tool is needed either during the job or to complete the job. The Quick Service Solution is here!  The QST300 is the perfect tool for completing this type of work.  The QST300 is easier and more intuitive to use than even an aftermarket scan tool, and it frees up the more expensive scan tool for other, more complicated work.  The QST300 is easy enough for anyone in the shop to use and understand.

    The QST300 was recently named a TOP 20 TOOL by Motor Magazine, because it is a tool that solves real problems in real world situations!

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