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ACAT manufactures High-Performance universal catalytic converters for aftermarket and OEM exhaust manufacturers for cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles.  The ACAT PRO series universal converter uses ACAT’s exclusive Metallic Herringbone substrate technology which flows more freely increasing horsepower and torque, improving fuel economy, reducing emissions and delivering OEM durability. ACAT also offers the ACAT ST series made with a ceramic substrate for a superior replacement part for the OEM repair.


INCREASED POWER AND TORQUE: Lower cells per square inch improves flow and reduces back pressure for better overall performance, dyno-proven horsepower gains and better fuel economy

MORE EFFICIENT EMISSIONS: With exhaust gasses passing through our exclusive herringbone design; significant improvements in lowering emissions have been documented

IMPROVED EXHAUST TONE: Exclusive herringbone technology means less noise and vibration

LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Smaller and lighter designs


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    ACAT Global LLC - Future CARB Approval

    Charlevoix, Michigan – July 31, 2017 - Advanced Clean Air Technologies (ACAT) Global, LLC is proud to announce that ACAT Global has been approved effective May 30, 2017 by the California Environmental Protection Agency AIR RESOURCES BOARD to become a canner for aftermarket catalytic converters in California, with UMICORE as the catalyst supplier (using ceramic and metallic substrates). ACAT Global, LLC can now submit exemption applications, subject to compliance with California Evaluation Procedures for New Aftermarket Catalytic Converters, to California Air Resources Board for aftermarket catalytic converters.

    “This will enable us to continue business growth of ACAT’s Catalytic Converters with its exclusive innovative Herringbone Metallic Substrate and Converters with Ceramic Substrate in a key market that offers great potential for use of our catalytic converters. Today’s announcement is great news for ACAT Global LLC’s current and future Aftermarket Automotive Customers, Suppliers and the entire ACAT Global team.” Darrell Blackburn, Chief Operating Officer.

    About ACAT Global LLC - ACAT Global manufactures universal and direct fit catalytic converters and exhaust systems for cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and OEM industrial applications. ACAT Global offers both metallic and ceramic substrate technology for maximum efficiency, quality and durability.


    Oliver Rathlein
    VP Sales and Marketing

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    ACAT PRO Metallic Herringbone Substrate Technology Improves Overall Performance · More Horsepower and Torque · Better MPG · Superior Emissions - EPA Compliant · OEM Durability · Limited Lifetime Warranty...

  • Don’t just replace your defective cat — improve overall performance with ACAT.

    The ACAT PRO series catalytic converters utilize our new exclusive metallic herringbone substrate technology for maximum efficiency. Unlike other so-called “Metallic Sport Cats” our metallic herringbone substrate design allows for lower cells per square inch, which improves flow and reduces back pressure for better overall performance and dyno-proven horsepower gains. This also translates to better fuel economy! And with the exhaust gasses passing through our exclusive herringbone design, significant improvements in lowering emissions have been documented. The ACAT PRO efficiency doesn’t stop here – it allows for a smaller, more compact and lighter weight catalytic converter. Every ACAT PRO catalytic converter body is manufactured from a single CNC-formed laser-welded stainless steel tubular section that is spun around ACAT’s exclusive herringbone metallic monolith. And thanks to our exclusive 3M™ Interam® 1600HTE series non-intumescent mat-mount material, the outside temperature is lowered by 300 to 400. Made in USA/Canada to the highest quality standards utilizing the latest in catalytic converter manufacturing technology and backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

    The result – more power, improved fuel economy, OEM durability and reduced emissions.

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