AAPEX and its official vendors are committed to maximizing the conference’s quality and value for exhibitors and attendees. If your questions or concerns are not addressed in the Attendee FAQs or Exhibitor FAQs, use the list below to contact us.

Name Responsibility Phone Email
Bill Glasgow Jr.
Booth Sales
Booth Space
708-226-1300 billjr@aapexshow.com
Brian Glasgow
Booth Sales
Booth Space
708-226-1300 brian@aapexshow.com
Jim Winslow
Booth Sales
Booth Space
708-226-1300 jim.winslow@aapexshow.com
Sandi Kulas
Exhibitor Badges
Exhibitor Login
Exhibitor Profile
Directory Listings
708-226-1300 sandra.kulas@aapexshow.com
Chris Kalousek
New Product Showcase
New Packaging Showcase
Onsite and Online
Sponsorship Opportunities
708-226-1300 chris.kalousek@aapexshow.com
Kelly Glasgow
Celebrity Appearances
Press Conferences
708-226-1300 kelly@aapexshow.com
Judy Novak
Media Lists
International Buyer Lists
Buyer Concierge Services
708-226-1300 judy.novak@aapexshow.com
Name Responsibility Phone Email
Chris Kalousek
AAPEX Onsite and Online
Sponsorship Opportunities
708-226-1300 chris.kalousek@aapexshow.com
Dean Martin
AAPEX Express Daily
AAPEX Buyer's Guide
330-670-1234 x225 dmartin@babcox.com
Name Responsibility Phone Email
Monet Marshall
Exhibitor Services
702-579-1700 monet.marshall@freemanco.com
Ted Merich
Material Handling
Freight Target Questions
702-579-1708 ted.merich@freemanco.com
Marci Grodin
Exhibitor Sales
Exhibit Booth Rental
702-579-1425 marci.grodin@freemanco.com
Craig Duncan
Audio Visual, etc. 702-352-5604 craig.duncan@freemanco.com
Name Responsibility Phone Email
Milton Dunn
Senior Event Service Manager (main contact) 702-733-5229 mdunn@sandsexpo.com
Justin Herrman
Internet 702-733-5542 jherrman@sandsexpo.com
Karl Snedeger
Phones 702-733-5799 ksnedger@sandsexpo.com
Victor Chang
Rigging/Lighting 702-376-7865 vchang@sandsexpo.com
John Verdine
Electrical 702-733-5548 jverdine@sandsexpo.com
Terry Salaices
Food/Beverage 702-733-5255 tsalaices@sandsexpo.com
Name Responsibility Phone Email
Registration Support
Registration Assistance
Badge Status, etc.
708-486-0700 (International)
Exhibitor Registration
Services Support
Lead Retrieval
Badge Card Reader Rentals
Attendee Lists, etc.
708-786-5565 exhibitor-support@compusystems.com
Name Responsibility Phone Email
Housing 866-229-3687 semaapex@onpeak.com