•   For Immediate Release: ACAT Global LLC - Future CARB Approval Charlevoix, Michigan – July 31, 2017 - Advanced Clean Air Technologies (ACAT) Global, LLC is proud to announce that ACAT Global has been approved effective May 30, 2017 by the California Environmental Protection Agency AIR RESOURCES BOARD to become a... Learn More

  • View Press Release Online 06.13.2017 Livonia, Michigan:  ATEQ is proud to announce the new June software release for the VT36, VT55 and VT56 TPMS tools. The software update includes new OE coverage, improved programmable sensor coverage, new functionalities and corrections. New version now available: VT36 version Hx1-10-03 VT55 version CA2-20-03 VT56 version DA1-20-22 New features: VT36: Remote Key Entry... Learn More

  • 4/23/07 Check out the many features and functions of WebVT jobs including: Sync jobs from device to PC Display jobs by date, tool or make, model, year Search jobs by customer reference, job ID, plate number or VIN Delete jobs from WebVT Personalize letterhead to input company information to the print out the job performance for... Learn More

  • Sterling Heights, MI [August 2017] – The Bartec USA family wishes to extend our thoughts and prayers to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent devastation it caused.  Bartec USA would like to help our business partners that have had their lives [and businesses] turned upside down by... Learn More

  • Sterling Heights, MI [September 2017] – Bartec USA, the North American leader in TPMS Diagnostic tools and solutions, announces the release of their latest TPMS tool software update.  Release 56.2 is now available for your respective Bartec TPMS Tool.  Make sure you are a current subscriber at tools.bartecusa.com.  This newest... Learn More

  • Sterling Heights, MI [September 2017] – Bartec USA, the North American leader in TPMS Diagnostic tools and solutions, announces their latest update to the TPMS Desktop, version 4.0!  Desktop 4.0 includes the brand new feature REMOTE TOOL SETUP.  Using the newly released Tech200Pro Tire inspection tool, the front counterperson can... Learn More

  • Sterling Heights, MI [September 2017] – Bartec USA, the North American leader in TPMS Diagnostic tools and solutions, will once again be exhibiting at AAPEX, their 10th year!  Also, this year Bartec will also be playing a large role in teaching, training and discussing new technology.  As a presenter in... Learn More

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    Philadelphia, PA - August 17th, 2017 - Mobile Manager Pro, BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s signature digital shop solution, provides shops with a wireless tool, which fully integrates with leading shop management systems, to create a more efficient and effective daily workflow. Since first launching this solution in 2013, thousands of auto repair... Learn More

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    Philadelphia, PA - August 17th, 2017 - BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY®, a leader in automotive software solutions, continues to enhance shop management with their Pro Pack bundle, which includes: Lube Sticker Pro, Message Manager and Report Pro. All Pro Pack tools are designed to help auto repair shops be more efficient,... Learn More

  • Philadelphia, PA - August 17th, 2017 - BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY®, a leader in automotive software solutions, continues to develop innovative solutions to enhance automotive shop productivity with Welcome Station Kiosk. Service advisors and shop managers are busy and BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY understands the chaos of a busy waiting room. Welcome Station... Learn More

  • Often consumers are faced with trying to replicate the OE brake hose assembly. The most common solution is to use adapters on a “universal” #3 JIC brake hose. This approach is cumbersome, looks unprofessional, and introduces unnecessary leak points. BrakeQuip has developed an innovative solution for brake plumbing challenges that are encountered when... Learn More

  • Intellicurve Blade Why Intellicurve? This product is designed to match styling of “Beam” blades which are now in use as original equipment in over 50 million vehicles on North American Roads. This product can also replace Hard Plastic encasement Hybrid Blades which are in use in comparable number of Vehicles. Intellicurve® combines the... Learn More

  • Hybrid Blade Why Hybrid? Matches the appearance (hard plastic encasing on the frame) of the original blade on growing number of cars (50 MM + mainly Asian car brands but has growing popularity on new car models from European and American car manufacturers as well). ClearPlus® Hybrid Series is a perfect upgrade... Learn More

  • Heavy Duty Blades ClearPlus has revamped its program of heavy duty blades.  Additional part numbers are now available for complete coverage in school, transit and coach buses; Class A and Class C Recreational Vehicles; and Medium and Heavy Duty commercial delivery vehicles. Blade in sizes 11” to 40” are offered for the... Learn More

  • Winter Blades Extreme Winter Weather Performance With a heavy-duty steel structure and a larger profile wiping element, this blade lifts heavy, slushy snow and ice better than all season blades. Key Features Synthetic rubber Boot encasing on the frame has stronger tear and ozone resistance than natural rubber commonly used in other brands. This... Learn More

  • Specialty Rear Blades Used on more than 50 million vehicles on North American Roads and growing. Specialty rear blades remain largely ignored for replacement despite the critical safety issue attached with rear view visibility.  Both trade customers and motorists are better served with the ready availability of a full range of specialty... Learn More

  • About ClearPlus We are a windshield wiper blade company with distribution in the automotive aftermarket through group and independent resellers of hard part, oil and chemical, fleet and industrial products. We create and manage programs for our house and private label customers with direct and outsourced manufacturing in India and China... Learn More

  • While operational carbonization in older vehicles is usually based on the kilometers traveled, the reason for it in modern models is mainly to be found in smaller and smaller cylinders (downsizing). This strategy leads to a partly very lean fuel-air mixture being used during the vehicle operation. This results in... Learn More

  • The official dealer network has at its disposal equipment directly supplied by the vehicle manufacturer, but the multi-brand workshops require a tool that is able to carry out diagnostics on a large number of vehicle models. Multi-Brand workshops shouldn’t give up to professional performances typical of official diagnostic equipments. LEONARDO... Learn More

  • Galileo is the first tool for diagnosis of cars with dimension of a Tablet PC. its dimensions and light weight Galileo make easy movements and diagnosis.  The hardware is of a new generation of technology. Galileo is predisposed for WI-fi and remote control, has an Ethernet holder, USB and Bluetooth. The diagnosis... Learn More

  • Do modification in trim layout of the car (Proxi configuration) has never been so easy before. Marconi Proxi allows to do any modification of on board optional devices with rapidity and security. Our aim is to modify the trim layout without causing modifications and alterations of devices in car, in order to... Learn More

  • Marconi BMW Unlock TV/DVD does programming on  NBT through the diagnosis  cable  “OBD2” Marconi Unlock TV/DVD System performs the unlock of images release during the movement of the vehicle on a big range of models Bmw of last generation. Marconi Unlock TV/DVD System performs the unlock through OBD2 cable. Customers should  take... Learn More

  • Now available a diagnosis dedicated to BMW motorcycle for professionals of this field: Galileo for BMW motorcycles. With Galileo dedicated to BMW motorcycles you can retrieve a used device like the instrument cluster, the ESA module, the ABS system and others. Changing the trim layout of the vehicle, adding or removing... Learn More

  • Grupo GONHER was founded in 1953, in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León. It currently comprises a group of enterprises specialized in the auto parts industry. Our clients’ preference along the years has resulted in a successful companie during more than 65 years. During this period, we have advanced from being a... Learn More

  • Fort Mill, SC - Lumax’s exclusive patented design heavy duty quick release coupler has an innovative design that enables it to firmly latch onto the grease fitting, enabling hands-free greasing. The heavy duty quick release grease coupler locks-on and creates a leak-proof seal. The LX-1403 has a working pressure of... Learn More

  • Fort Mill, SC - The LX-1326 is the new general purpose chemical pump from Lumax. The pump is designed for a fast transfer of acidic solutions, chemicals, fuels, fuel oils, and water-based media. Ideal for DEF/Urea/ AdBlue. The ergonomically designed lever handle assures the user a firm grip for comfort,... Learn More

  • Chicago-Based Milton Industries Signs Three-Year Union Agreement
 Manufacturer Works In Partnership With Labor Force To Keep 110 U.S. Jobs   CHICAGO, September 15, 2017 - Compressed air accessories and fitting manufacturer Milton Industries (miltonindustries.com AAPEX Booth #3835)  has executed a three-year contract with its organized labor force that outlines a win-win working partnership. Despite absorbing significant... Learn More

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    You Don’t Need it Until You Do..  Then it’s a LIFESAVING TOOL!AUTOMOTIVE SAFETY TOOL FOR BREAKING WINDOWS, CUTTING SEAT BELTS,& SELF DEFENSE, A MUST HAVE LIFESAVING TOOL. Jesse P Morgan  CEO, Morgan Manufacturing  CELL 239-340-2253    jp@MorganMfg.biz     www.EXTRACTOR.us The EXTRACTOR Tool is NOW Available! Ft. Myers, FL:  Morgan Manufacturing is proud to announce the... Learn More

  • THE EXTRACTOR BEING NOVEL  Not a long winded story, New & Different Tungsten Carbide window breaker tips is the hardest metal known to man (S3, P1) It has a hardness close to Diamonds (S4, P1) 5 Hex Head holes to Loosen or tighten Bolts for Emergency use from ½ inch to ¼ inch Size... Learn More

  • Montgomery, Alabama - REGITAR USA is proud to announce its 30th Anniversary in July.  As a major manufacturer and distributor of automotive electronics to the Aftermarket today, REGITAR has enjoyed the growth from the beginnings in Alabama to a recognized global supplier. REGITAR began operations in 1987 when Dr. YT Tsai, President... Learn More

  • Extraordinary features at a remarkable price Charlotte, March 1, 2017 — SATO, a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that empower workforces and streamline operations launched the WS4 compact desktop label printer line across North America today. Built in the tradition of SATO quality, the WS4 exceeds expectations of performance and... Learn More

  • SATO becomes official Silver Hardware Partner of Manhattan Associates Natively compatible SATO CL4NX printer Yonkers, NY and Tokyo, July 12, 2017 – CYBRA Corporation, developer of award-winning MarkMagic® Barcode Labels, RFID Tags, Electronic Forms, and Report Writing Software, has successfully integrated SATO thermal label printers into Manhattan Associates' Warehouse Management for... Learn More

  • INTRODUCTION    31 SPECIALIST is designed and created especially for group 31 battery with over 50 years’ specialty of lead-acid battery production by SEBANG GLOBAL BATTERY CO.,LTD.(South Korea). 31 SPECIALIST is composed of 5 distinctive ranges of group 31 battery, based on different performance characteristics in different applications and cars.    Due... Learn More

  • • Spanish-speaking market learns through hands-on training from certified technical trainer • Trainings offered in Spanish for native speakers in the states • More learning opportunities for technicians in different regions ZF Aftermarket has embarked on its first fully-immersed Spanish training week in Puerto Rico. The technical training team spent time in the... Learn More