Finetro Co., Ltd.

Uiryeong-gun, Gyeongsangan, 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: 8015

We, Finetro Co., Ltd, are one of the renowned auto braking products manufacturer in Korea with 10years firm business record by supplying our products to Hyundai, Kia Renault Samsung and other korean car companies as OEM, OES and A/S through KB Autosys.


-Brake pad

Our NAO ceramic products consist of about 100type of chemicals like potassium, microfiber, titanium.


1.Noticible abatement of the braking noise

2.Moisture insensitive

3.Excellent heat resistance

4.Smooth braking

5.Lowest dust 


-Back plate(fine blanking)

1 .The cross-section of this product is clean and mildly compared to POWER PRESS product . And the floor plans of adhesive surface is excellent and improves the defect of the existing products in quality.


2. Through maximizing the corrosion effects, doing not the use of the effect of the galvanized way which is poison, this product is produced excellently by anti-oxidant Nitrification treatment, contributes to prevention of the pollution.

Brands: Supera

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