CSB Bearing Technologies Co., Ltd.

Jiashan, Zhejiang, 
  • Booth: 9502

CSB as a sliding bearing specialist in China for researching, manufacturing of wide range of Metal-Polymer, Bimetal bearing, bushing for Automotive Industry.

As a tier 2, tier 3 supplier, we work with Car Components manufacturer worldwide all of Top 10 suppliers for Automotive. CSB Bearing mainly supply different material bushing to components assembly as Door-Hinge, Shock-Absorber, Seat-Frame, Gear-Box, Wiper systems, A/C-Compressor, Brake-System, Steering-System,Clutch-Release, Damper-Pulley and so on....

CSB continously focused on the bearing, bushing material researching / improving to give customer best application solution with CSB Sliding Bearings......



Brands: CSB, CSB Sliding Bearing Specialist

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