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Every year, tens of thousands of professionals from around the globe attend AAPEX for cutting-edge education, unparalleled networking opportunities and access to the latest technologies and solutions from domestic and international suppliers. Don’t miss the automotive aftermarket industry’s premier event - registration is now open!

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Admission Costs

Attendee registration includes access to the Expo Floor for AAPEX and the SEMA Show, and to AAPEXedu and ExpressEdu education sessions. No refunds will be provided.

Category Fee
Attendee Registration Online (through October 14) $40.00
Attendee Registration by Fax or Mail (through October 14) $65.00
Attendee Registration Onsite (Starting October 15)
Note: Online registration will still be available, but the show badges will have to be picked up onsite
Attendee Registration by Fax or Mail (Starting October 15)
Note: Online registration will still be available, but the show badges will have to be picked up onsite
Non-Exhibiting Manufacturers/Suppliers/Importers/Exporters $200.00

Registration Requirements

Only business representatives of the automotive aftermarket industry are permitted to attend AAPEX. All registrants are subject to review and approval by AAPEX Management. Once approved, confirmation will be sent to registrants via email regarding the status of their badges. The following business representatives are NOT allowed to attend:

  • Consumers
  • Any non-automotive affiliated company
  • Attorneys
  • Freight providers
  • Travel agencies
  • Non-automotive graphics companies
  • Exhibition industry affiliates
  • Independent insurance agents
  • Modeling agencies
  • Printers/Packaging

Proof of Affiliation

First time registrants may be asked to provide proof of their affiliation in the automotive trade. Business identification must indicate current employment at an automotive-related company. Any two (2) of the following are acceptable:

  • Tax registration certificate or business registration
  • Business license
  • Two (2) recent paycheck stubs to verify employment
  • Copy of Yellow Pages listing
  • Copy of advertisement
  • Business card (must include job title, and company name and address must correspond with the information on the registration form)
  • Business photo ID (must include name, photo and company name)

Your principal business category will be determined by AAPEX Management based on your company website. Non-Exhibiting Manufacturers are limited to two badges per company.

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